Is this elongated labour making my MS worse?

My baby is due tomorrow but I have been having irregular contractions since Friday. I went to hospital where they told me I am 2cm dilated. I have since had more painful contractions with no progression. I have been to hospital a few more times and they haven't once noticed in my notes that I have MS or acknowledged the notes written by the anaesthetist or my obstetrics consultant.

I am starting to feel ridiculously dizzy, sick and faint. My memory, which had improved whilst being pregnant, is going to back to how it was before. Is the stress that I'm going through now making my MS worse?



Im sorry but I have no idea   but I did want to wish you well. Please ensure you remind the medical people who are directly with you that they need to read the information re your ms especially if you need emergency c section.

I hope all goes well for you ...even if you have to park yourself at the hospital saying you are exhausted because of your ms and that you need to stay there til littleun arrives.

Good luck and when you can let us know how you both are.


Hi, I am unable to answer your questions, but i really do wish you good luck with the birth and everything.

Bless you. You must tell `em about your MS.

luv Pollx

Becca, my experience is that midwives know nothing of MS, even if it is plastered all over your notes.  I have had 2 terrible experiences and one good one.  My most recent was that I was having irregular painful contractions for over a week before my daughter arrived.  Each time I was told nothing was happening.  I got very tired as the contractions tended to get worse at night, my OH was away and I still had 2 to get to school each morning.  Eventually I went in and told them I was exhausted.  And I wasn't leaving.  I got given some pethidine to help me rest and after a short while things went mad.  My waters broke and all hell broke loose too as I was bleeding.  My feeling is that stress and anxiety slows labour considerably so you might need a shot of something just to relax you.  This happened the first time around too.  I eventually gave birth very quickly, from waters breaking to delivery in 2 hours!  The cord was used by my little girl as an accessory, she was wearing it around her neck and across her body!

Even worse is that after this terribly traumatic labour they first put me in a single room, then tried to move me (unless I wanted to use my staff discount to get a single room), I got on my high horse and told them I had not slept for weeks, had just had a very traumatic delivery.  I needed to rest and there was no way I was going to do that in a 4 bed bay so I might as well go home.  Needless to say I got to keep my room.

Good Luck with your baby’s birth. I hope things go well and that you are ok. This is a stressful time anyway, as well as being a very happy time so I wouldn’t be surprised if MS symptoms became exacerbated so try to stay as calm as possible. I know it’s hard!

Thinking of you, let us know how you get on.

Teresa xx

Little James was born this morning weighing 8lb. He is perfect and labour was as excruciatingly painful as it has been before and I wasn’t offered the epidural the anaesthetist recommended but it’s all over now. Thank you all for your support x

Congratulations and hello James!

Ellie x

Congratulations Rebecca and welcome to baby James. Hope you are both well. Enjoy him!

Teresa xx

Oh Rebecca - l was wondering how you were getting on - well welcome James - love to you both and l hope your ordeal will soon be forgotten. Make sure you are taking lots of vit d3 - the baby will have used up all of your resources.


and love


Congratulations Rebecca and welcome baby James! trophy

Pat x


That's lovely news, many congratulations on the birth of James.

Take care


Congratulations Rebecca!

Best Wishes to you and your family.


Congratulations on the birth of James, well done you x

Well done you and welcome to the world littleman.

I wish you all the best on your new journey



Congrats on baby James.  The euphoria of having got through it will keep you going for a couple of weeks.  Enjoy it.

Many congrats from me too. Welcome little james.

Enjoy your new precious!

luv Pollx