How can you tell the difference between MS symptoms and postpartum symptoms?

I was diagnosed with RIS a few years ago. I have recently had my baby, he is 16 weeks now and I have been told that I am having a MS episode. I am in quite a lot of pain, dizzy and extremely tired. I also keep breaking things. I thought all of this was just down to hormones and all the things that come with having a new baby. I am waiting to have a MRI to confirm the MS. I have been offered medicine but I turned it down until we are sure it is MS. However the pain is bad and the dizziness getting worse. I’m worried about dropping my baby. I don’t know what to think or what to do. I am really hanging on to the idea that this is all just down to having a baby. I would love to hear what you think, especially if you have been here.

hi lisajane

i have no idea what RIS is.

baby brain is what i was told i had when my first baby was born 30 years ago.

make sure that you and the baby are safe.

talk to your gp and health visitor, they might advise you to request an earlier mri.

try to relax.

it’s important to avoid lots of stress.

give your baby millions of cuddles.

carole x

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Dear Lisajane, I too, don’t know what RIS is? And of course I cannot diagnose, however; pain, fatigue and vertigo are my three main symptoms. I am diagnosed with RRMS. Speak with your GP because there are treatments for permanent nerve pain and for vertigo (dizziness). Do you have help? Tell friends and family that you are struggling and worried about stuff. They could be around more often? Agree with Carole, tell your health visitor and demand an emergency MRI. Sleep, whenever the baby sleeps, so that you are well rested. Keep your baby close by, eg. Cot next to the bed. Are they small enough to wear in a baby sling? Try not to worry and again, I agree with Carole, enjoy lots of baby cuddles…arrrr! Warmest wishes Love Ali

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I think it often happens that when someone with m.s. is pregnant their m.s. ‘improves’ but after the birth the m.s. catches up with them. My guess is that is what has happened to you. For people like yourself with rrms, given time, things will settle down and improve. I’d be reluctant to tell a health visitor that you didn’t feel the baby is safe with you - hopefully you can get support from family/friends - a rota? You may have to specifically ask for help as sometimes people feel they are intruding.

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If you have MS you are more at risk of having a relapse in the months after giving birth.I had a very bad relapse 6 week after giving birth i could not take my baby out in her pram as i could hardly stand up and i had to have help for some time,i was very weak and dizzy and it took me 5 months before i started to pick up.Have you anyone to help you.i hope so because i know just how hard it is to look after a new baby in a relapse.

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Hi everyone, thank you so much for your replies. Today is the first day I have been on this forum since I posted, otherwise i would have shown my gratitude earlier. Milo is now eight months. I am still having problems but we are coping.

RIS is when you have the inflammation in your brain and spinal fluid but have not experienced any episodes. The MRI showed that the inflammation in my brain was unchanged from two years ago. That last one showed 5 patches of inflammation. My neurologist thinks that the hormone change is what bought on this first episode.

I am also seeing a pattern that the pain and fatigue is much worse when I have a period. Does anyone else have this?

I am lucky, I have an amazing husband, mum and best mate to help me.

I am getting as many cuddles in as I can before he is suddenly at school!

This forum is a big help too. It makes me realise that I am not going mad and am not a big hypacondriac (I don’t know how to spell that!)

I hope you are all well, Lisa x