Mum inlaw said it can't be ms ?!?!?

Hi everyone although my gp has said pod ms and I’m having MRI ,lp and under a neuro my mum in law has said tonight that it can’t pos be ms! I’m 38 and have had 4 children ?!? She said symptoms would have shown after the birth of one if my first children ?? I won’t lie my ms like stuff has been going on since my 3 rd child was born over 10 years ago but have come and gone and NEVER been as bad as the last year ,nor did I ever link them together until GP said they maybe! Is what mum inlaw said true ??? I know that many ms symptoms could be something else is she just trying to be ‘nice’ ?? Blinkered like her son or is she right ?? Any advice would be helpful xx

Ms symptoms can come on at any stage of life! I’m 23 never had a kid and started having symptoms last year. It’s true that so many symptoms of ms can be other things, but if you’re having an mri and lumbar puncture that should tell you. How long do you have to wait for your tests? Xx

Absolute rubbish! No medical basis at all. It’s common for MS to be better behaved during pregnancy, but to flare up after the birth, so there can be a connection in the timing of “attacks”. But pregnancy absolutely does not cause MS, and there’s no reason to think it would have revealed itself after the birth of your older children, if you didn’t have it back then. I’m afraid it’s either just ignorance, MiL wanting to reassure you, or wanting to reassure herself it’s nit what you have. If it was that easy to rule out, based on the “fact” you couldn’t have four children without it showing sooner, why wouldn’t they just have done that then? What would be the point of all these test? People have some funny ideas about MS: “You’re too old to get that!”, “You’re too young to get that!” I’ve even had: “MS? Pfff! I could get diagnosed with that if I kept whining!” I had NEVER whined, or spent a lot of time at the doctor’s. On the contrary, I believe I ignored things well past the time most people would have realised something was wrong. Tina x

Not, of course.

Nah, I reckon your mil is wrong. She may just be trying to stop you worrying or even believe what she is saying to be true. Old wives tale syndrome more like!

Let the professionals tell you what`s what, eh?

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Thank you guys , I have my MRI on 31st aug so hopefully some news soon x

Thank you guys , I have my MRI on 31st aug so hopefully some news soon x