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Hello people, after some advice about labour, i am 13 weeks pregnant, and have rrms. my pregnancy is consultant led, although when i saw him this week he seemed to know very little about ms. I asked about vit d during pregnancy and he had no idea bout vit d and ms!! he asked about bowels and bladder issues (which other than peeing alot) i have none, then explained why he had asked as thought i should know that he knew bowels and bladder problems could be symptoms of ms!! i do know about ms, but smiled felt patronised and continued.

before i had ms i always wanted a natural as possible birth probably home birth, now after much thought id like gas and air maybe water birth in midwifery led birthing suite. The consultant seemed to think i should have a spinal block or epidural to help with fatigue straight away. I do not want either. i had decided that some time ago, and since having a lumber puncture i think that even more.

As far as i can see the body still does the same you just dont feel it. I do suffer badly from fatigue, but it seems to be a good day or a bad day, if on a good day i do anything energetic, i can complete the task, but suffer a day or so after. i feel this would be the same with labour and cant see that an epidural would make much difference, as if its a bad day i will be weak already and if its a good day i’ll suffer after with or without epidural as i will still go through labour.

i would like a water birth ideally in a mlc does any one have experience of any of this. My consultant does not want to see me until 36 weeks to discuse labour as he sees no reason to. And i see no reason to see him!

Is it however worth contacting my ms consultant to discus this with, my next apt with her is not until after baby is due, but she would at least have a better understanding of ms and labour, rather than the pregnancy consultant who puts all conditions that involve exercise restrictions in the same category and i dont see how my ms compares to heart disease. I swam 500m the other day! (although suffered the next day)

hope this sort of makes sense, and thank you for any coments,


I’m replying really to bump the post but contacting your ms consultant seems a good idea.

Best wishes.

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The Barts Blog has loads of information concerning vitamin d3 and pregnancy. Use the search facility.


i was lucky enough to have a natural birth, i was in labour for 19 hours and didnt even have gas and air,i sort of hypnotised my self into a state of peace and calm and let my body get on with the job, i really enjoyed giving birth this way,and i felt quite well straight after too,its amazing just what your body can do,it was so different to when i first gave birth with an epidural, i hated that experiance,and was determined not to have another one,i am so pleased i didnt.

​everyones different though,and like i said i was lucky in that there were no complications which let me have the natural birth i wanted.that all seems like a lifetime away now though.good luck with what you decide.

J x

I’ve had two children and no complications with my MS during labour. I was probably just as tired as all the other new mothers.

Good luck x

I had my first baby last December. I can honestly say that I had a better labour and delivery than almost anybody I know. I didn’t realise I was in labour until my waters broke at 9.15pm. I was admitted to hospital shortly after that and I went straight to the delivery suite after some admission examinations etc. I didn’t have an epidural just gas and air. My baby was back to back so the midwife had me in all sorts of positions to encourage him to turn, which he did, and he was born naturally at 7.35am. I was completely exhausted afterwards but no more than anyone else. MS didn’t cause me any problems. And, I’ve been breastfeeding now for almost 8 months.

I know every individual and their circumstances are different but it’s not all doom and gloom there are positive experiences too. Good luck xx