Pregnant and classed as 'high risk' (UK)

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A question regarding pregnancy for ladies (and/or their partners in the UK). I have MS, diagnosed just over two years ago – was on DMDs and I’ve, thankfully been very stable. I’m now pregnant with my first, and have come off my DMDs. My neuro was totally relaxed about it, I feel fine etc. I know about the protective effects of pregnancy and so on, and risks post birth.

For some reason my midwife has classed me a ‘high risk’, which means I’m now under a consultant, have frequent appointments, extra scans and now have limited options for birth (I wanted a pool birth). Obviously I think it’s great this option is available for people who need it, but I think it’s totally unnecessary and is creating extra stress during this time – not least getting all the time off work. I’m thinking of pushing back but wanted to see what experiences other women with MS have had here in the UK – is this normal or a step too far?

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Yup, you’re at ‘high risk’ of having a beautiful; lovely baby!

Let them monitor you all they want; as long as it is not intrusive and harm to the baby.

MS does not cause problems for expectant mums. It’s I think the Oestrogen or Booth’s Gin that acts when pregnancy occurs the person’s MS symptoms can dissipate.

Good luck, don’t worry; have a lovely baby.


:slight_smile: Thanks George - I’m not due until December, but in time to sneak in a glass of Xmas bubbly!

Don’t worry about the time off either…by law if it’s anything pregnancy related they have to let you take time off. Also pregnancy related time off/sickess cannot be used against you for sickness absence monitoring.

Hi, I just had my second baby 8 days ago and I wasn’t classed as high risk. They made me see an obstetrician once to go over history etc and when they wanted me to come back yet again for a further appointment I refused and told them there was no point wasting my time and if my MS flared up I would let them know and hey could see me again. Be firm with them. I also had a water birth and it was all very straight forward. If you don’t like the care you are receiving do you have the option of changing maternity hospitals? I don’t know where you are based but here in London there are so many to choose from. Remember it’s entirely up to you where you have your baby. If you want a pool birth then you are looking for a good birth centre so maybe google to find another in your area if your not happy. Good luck with it all and I hope your experience doesn’t take the magic away from what is truly a lovely time for you. Lisa xx

yes they do have to let you take the time off, but they don’t have to pay you.

Multiple extra health check visits every month could add up to a pretty penny in lost income just when you need it most.

I had two water births, one before diagnosis with MS and one after. And one of my births was at home (I wasn’t brave enough to do that with the first). I did have to see an obstetrician during my second pregnancy (because I had MS) but he just said that women with MS often have good birth experiences. It was just on off-hand comment but I did have a good experience with both my first and second child.

MS shouldn’t make any difference to how you give birth - you should be able to do what you want.

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