Wat to do??

Today I starts feeling new kind of pain of paininc feeling.when sit or lie on the bed suddenly a acute pain feeling runs in my leg.its for few secs.It seems something running down under my skin or muscles.pain is not on one spread vertically (covers Few cm of skin or muscle) m bladder problem is getting worser day by day.during flow is getting low intact after the urin I feel burning sensation for few minutes.When I lie on the bed on one side (whether its left or right) I feel pain in my lower portion of spine.Pain radiate in circle fees there is something wrong in my spine on that part.I got this feeling for few days back.(after my second MRI,which was normal) This is MS symptom? Despite of lot of dymtom MRI appears normal…does it happen in MS? My history… 12 may-burning sole 2-after few days started tingling in my legs 3.7th June my right hand few fingers got numbed 4.9 June my half hand got numbed (I went to doc ,he suggested MRI,which was normal n other test too) After that gradually my whole body’s sensation got decreased,intact I can’t feel proper touch on my face. 5.June-first my foot got morenumbed of right leg,then left,then fingers of left leg,then right,it continued… My legs r quite numb below the knee but my right leg is more affected than left. 6.then my hands got numbed but not as much as legs.but I feel weired weakness in my hands 11 july-i again went to doc,then again new MRI’s turn,it also appeared again normal 7. 13 july- felt bladder problem,in test urin was normal with 1 or 2 pus cell but flow is getting low day by day n feel burning sensation after the urin. 15 July I woke with sore throat.I fee difficuty swallowing the food n saliva. 16.july when i lie on the bed on one side i feel pain in lower portion of spine. This ismy case history of 2 monthes .My legs r going weak by the days.I can’t cook properly coz of my hands as everything action falls on wrong place. Wat to do? TheserMS symptom or somkind of spinal infection? Plz comments.

I would say the best thing to do would be to go back to your GP, you might have a urine infection that would make any other symptoms you have feel worse.

I can’t say if your symptoms are because of MS, you need to ask your GP or Neuro


Thank u Rosina! No I don’t have urin infection still my urin flow is low n feel to go frequently,today my tongue was lil numbed in morning but got OK in evening…my gp said "nothing wrong with neuro report so no neuro disease.Somewhere m agree with him becoz my Both MRI r normal.both of them were done a gap of one months.Even feel somkind electric shock feeling in my legs b hand.Does it happen in MS? Lots of symptom in two months but clear MRI? M very confused.Wat to do?