Worried about next scan

Hi,i am new to this forum. I am 42years oldand last year started to experience a burning sensation in my leg above my right knee, i was referred to a neurologist who did some tests on reflexes etc which showed i had abnormalities on my right side so i had a MRI which showed tiny white spots on my brain so i was then sent for a lumber puncture. The results came back normal so i was discharged. As time went on the pain continued and i then started to experience numbness and tingling all down my right side including my toes. I went to se my GP again who referred me back to the neurologist. He done his tests and noticed that i also had subtle changes on my left side so i am due another MRI scan in two weeks time. I am convinced i have MS as my vision has detoriated and i have vitamin D deficiency. Has anyone else experienced these symptons? Am i right to think its MS? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated…

Hello and welcome to the forum

I’m afraid you will have to wait, until after you’ve had the MRI scan and see what the results show.

I can understand, that this is a worrying time for you. Your symptoms could be due to MS, or some other neuro type condition.

Looking at the date you wrote this, you should be having the scan soon. The results are usually available about six weeks after.

Were you fit and well before these symptoms started? No problems with your joints?

Let us know how you get on.

Take care

Hi Blossom, thank you for replying… I have had weak bladder for years ,constipation for years and back in 2006 i got diagnosed with RSI in my right arm and hand. These are the only symptons apart from the pain i have had for two years on my right side. Neuro cons said these could all be related as could be slow progressing ms …i had MRI brain and spine on sunday so just gotta wait now for results. I just hope its not too long…i will keep you updated.