Walking frames

Hi all, my wife saw her consultant and one thing she mentioned was a walking frame.

I checked a couple of reports I found on line from studies looking at the effect use of these can have on patients. The evidence seemed strong that they helped. There were none available from our local trust so we bit the bullet and we found one (on Amazon of all places), it arrived yesterday. (I hope the photo attaches correctly).

My wife’s ms nurse has arranged for a visit to show my wife how to use it safely (I suspect they want to come and see if the frame is any good), but they can’t get here until late in the month.

Does anyone have any experience of these? If so any tips, do’s and don’ts etc would be gratefully received.

Not seen anything like it. I hope it works out for you. It seems to fall between rollator/zimmer frame and the static Oswestry exercise frame. Being able to exercise while standing is very important there have been studies in the use of the Oswestry frame by the University of Plymouth that are worth searching out.

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Iv seen similar ones online but not that one
It looks like it might give the stabity and security needed. CN tou let me have the name of it please. I need N aid like this to give me a bit of confidence.


I Hope this link works:

Hi just wondering how you are finding the walking frame. Is ir safe and does it help with mobility caused by weakness. Im now ready to try one and this seems ideal.

Hi, my wife finds it useful and stabilises her. iT gives her the confidence to get out of her chair for longer and longer periods which helps relieves other aches caused from sitting for so long. It also has good brakes so she can use it as support when doing physio exercises.

It’s lightweight, we have only used on hardwood floors, so don’t know what it’s like on carpet. The instructions come in Chinese and it took me a little time (and some swearing :grinning:) to work it out, but when I did it was less than 10 minutes to assemble (1 person can do it and it is easy if you look at the picture in the instructions rather than ignore them ……who knew :person_shrugging:)

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Thats great thanks. Only hope we can find one person to put it together. I thought it lòoked better than a zimmer frame which makes me very mervous.

Happy to help,if you’re close by (I in essex) , or we can do a video cal if that helps, it takes 3 weeks or so to arrive as I recall. Good luck

Im not local as im in yorkshire. But a videp call wouldd be great. I woll ask my daughter to help me with that.
Can i get in touch with you later as the video call would be so helpful.
Many thanks christine

Of course, happy to help, let me know when you have it, I’ll be away for 1 week in September, apart from that anytime works😀

Thanks will get it ordered

Great news I am glad it is working for you both. Sounds safe but challenging.

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