Hi guys. I had my neuro appt a few weeks ago and have ‘spots’ on my brain and a decreased sensation on my right side. Anyways…i had a blood test for neuromyelitis optica, have a LP on Monday (slightly scared about this) and a VEP next Friday. Just waiting for a spine mri. Seems to be coming round quickly. Got to see the neuro again in 8w or so. Trying to push it all to the back of my mind and stay poSitive but its difficult.

Goodness! It’s all happening fast and furiously! I hope everything comes together easily do you get some answers soon too. Karen x

What is scaring you about the LP?

I had one a few weeks ago. My experience was absolutely fine and a walk-in-park compared to my MRI experience.

MRI and claustrophobia don’t go terribly well together.

LP was painless, efficient and overwith in minutes. I led there for half an hour whilst she took some blood then went home and took it easy. Went back to bed for a couple of hours. No headache and no back pain. Drank plenty of water, no caffiene as it triggers migraine but I hear it’s good to keep the LP headache away.

I would take ten LP’s over one MRI any day!

Good luck.

You are really having a lot of work done so quickly. Good in one way as you won’t have to wait for weeks/months but the flipside of that it you have so much to take it and go through so quickly it must feel like your head is about to whizz off your shoulders!

Yes, try put it to the back of your mind f you can, best place for it whilst you are waiting. :slight_smile:

Hi Nikjag8

I got sent for NMO blood tests too. It is a little scary - please try not to read too much about it as it will only worry you. It is a very rare condition but it’s good the neuro is ruling it out as many don’t.

Good luck. It is fantastic you’re getting everything done. If you’ve scouted the forums and read posts you’ll realise so many people are fobbed off when they have problems and don’t get all the tests. I know it’s scary and worrying but take each day as a small step try not to think bout everything all at once.

Let us know how it goes.



Think i’m just a bit nervous about the LP as I don’t like needles very much or my back being touched :S… I hated (!!!) my first MRI of my brain it was awful, I agree it does not go with claustrophobia!

Got home today to find a letter for a cervical/thoracic MRI this Sunday! Talk about clearing a backlog! So I now have 3 hospital appointments in 5 days!

:slight_smile: x