Waiting for results is feeling like eternity

Hi All I’m after a bit of guidance really. Back in February I went for a routine eye test after suffering from headaches which I put down to my prescription needing adjusting and was told to go straight to the eye hospital for an emergency appointment as I had multiple hemoridges at the back of both eyes. Well considering this was 4.30 on a Friday I saw some chap who gave me the once over and told me to go and get some bloods done and was kind of left in the dark as to what was happening. A week later I got told I needed to go for an MRI of my head and a follow up appointment had been made for a further 2 weeks. MRI came back clear and I was told I had optic neuritis. They couldn’t tell me what caused this. ‘Sometimes it just happens and we don’t know why’ At one of my numerous check ups (they were fortnightly at one point) I was asked if I suffer with pins and needles, stiffness, spasms etc. I confirmed that I have for a while. Put it down to tiredness. They were getting worse and I put this down to the insomnia the joy of steroids bring (a frightful daily dose of 50mg) With this and other symptoms such as not being able to walk very far. Forgetting my train of thought etc I was told to go to my GP and get a referral to Nuro. This is the 1st time MS was mentioned. Off I go to my GP who straight away refers me. Again we wait for an appointment and off I go. 4 months after I was 1st sent to the hospital. I see the specialist. Have a couple of test. Walk in a straight line, pin prick, push against me etc amd he refers me for a full head and spine MRI along with a blood test for NMO. The blood test was done there and then back on the 6th June. I had my MRI 3 weeks ago today and I’ve heard nothing. Is this normal? I have tried calling to get an update and left a couple of messages with the specialists secretaries voicemail. The recorded voice tells me ill hear back within 1 working day and still nothing. I’m completely in limbo. Is this normal? The longer it goes on the worse the scenario plays out in my head

pester the secretary, email the neuro, get your gp to do the same.

drive them up the flippin wall.

if it’s the same wall you’ve been driven up, kick them off!