just lookibg for some advice

hi, 3 weeks ago i was told i had optic neurtis the opthalmologist promtly sent me for an mri scan which was clear of any legions - combined with vertigo and tingling in my arms and feet in the past the neurologist decided to do a lumbar puncture to help aid a diagnosis. more than one doctor has mentioned ms and im kind of stuck in limbo until i see him on 29th march! ive been taking the sreriod for over 2 weeks now and my vision has not improved i was wondering if anyone out there had similar experience and if vision returned. i am otherwise feeling very well although these steriods seem to be mucking me up a but. sorry for the long post- im just begunning to get anxious that my vision will never return x

Ok firstly welcome, secondly dont appolagise and thirdly this is not a long post but we love long and short ones. I dont have ON but just want to wish you well and know people on hear will give some great advice. Ultimately you will be seeing your nuro again soon and that is really good. Im in limboland too its been 9 months, keep going strong.

Hi, just try and focus on that clear MRI. There are lots of things that can cause neuro problems, many of which are very treatable. Ask your doctors to check your vitamin levels vit d, B12.

Take Care Moyna x

thank you for the support and the advice its all very much appreciated x

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

As Moyna already said, there are all sorts of things that can cause neuro problems, including optic neuritis, and some of them are relatively easy to treat so try not to worry too much about it for now.

Steroids stay in our systems for many weeks and there isn’t always an immediate effect so they could still make a difference. People usually recover pretty well from optic neuritis anyway, although it can take quite a long time. I think the average is about 6 weeks, but I know people who were still having improvements after a year or more. So hang in there - things will hopefully start to get better very soon.

Karen x