Waiting For an MRI new to this forum so this is my first post. I thought I’d share a bit about myself.

I was diagnosed with ME last year after suffering severe fatigue & exhaustion as well post exertional malaise since having my daughter three year ago. This seemed like an accurate diagnosis at first but for the past three or four months I’ve noticing other symptoms which have suddenly got worse over the past two weeks. These include:

Strange feelings in my legs

Sensitive nerves in my legs and brisk reflexes

Legs feeling weak & unsteady particulary when going downstairs

Twitching beginning in my calf muscles but now all over muscle twitches

Shakey hands particulary when picking up objects or drinks

Spasms in my lips

Internal vibrations in my back

Head twitch

Becoming really clumsy/ dropping things

I’m now waiting for an MRI to see if it is MS but would appreciate any of your thoughts or feedback : )


This is my first post, I was diagnosed in July 2018.

My MS only became apparent after I had my child, I had a lot of the symptoms you do. It started with facial numbness, then I started Forgetting things, dropping things, getting muscle twitches, twitchy eye, sciatica, numb face, some tripping, and absolute exhaustion.

I had an MRI, Lumbar puncture, and visual evoked potentials which were inconclusive. I had a repeat MRI and then I was diagnosed. It was draining and I was terrified for a long time. I couldn’t enjoy my kids and I frequently felt utter disparity.

I was put on Tecfidera, which I do well on. No relapses now for a year and 2 months, I’m stronger, I have recovered mentally any physically, and very few people know I have MS. I have no persistent neurological deficits. My consultant is really positive, as another MRI confirms I have no progression since starting Tecfidera.

i just wanted to say not to worry, you aren’t alone, there is help out there, and things can get better if you are diagnosed and start treatment. I honestly have the loveliest life with my kids now, cherish the moment and generally feel so much better.

sending you lots of love xxx

Thanks so much for your reply. That’s really reassuring so thank you. I’m not overly worried about it at the minute, I just want to know what’s going on with my body! I’m so glad you’re feeling better & enjoying your little ones again : ) Sending lots of love back xx