Hi there,

Can anybody tell me if they have ever experienced internal tremors as a MS symptom. I have been suffering these for about a week now and don’t know how to deal with them? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers!

hi viv

i learned mindfulness meditation on a course at my ms therapy centre.

the course is called breathworks and is based on breathing.

a few minutes of mindful breathing calms me right down.

the tremors respond to this.

in a nutshell, the breathing is as follows:

inhale for a count of 4

hold for a count of 8

exhale for a count of 12 (this needs to be a long slow exhale - blow the breath out slowly)

i hope it works for you.

Hi Viv

I get the idea of mindfulness, but personally I prefer drugs.

My infernal internal tremors are calmed with Cloneazepam.

It works a treat for me. And helps with sleep too.

I hope you find the right kind of treatment for yours.