Hi there everyone! A question if there is anyone out there?

I have Solitary Sclerosis one long lesion in my neck. In the last year I have seen a major deterioration in my health and now have tremors/vibrations on waking with spasticity so can not walk. This only happens in the night but Baclofen and Lyrica at bed seem to help a bit but they don’t stop the vibrations.

I have varied my does of baclofen up taking 20mg and lyrica up to 150 mg at night, but to be effect. In the day I also take lyrica and baclofen in smaller doses. I take CBD oil through the day which calms things down a bit. Does anyone have any tips on a med that could help with this. They wake me many times during the night and it’s exhausting and horrible and frightening as it shows what a grip MS has on my body.

any info would be appreciated.


Hi Judy,

So sorry to hear your problems.I get vibrations too. Very noticeable when I’m sitting still or lying in bed.

I take 10 mg amitriptyline at night. Was told I could take 20mg but was still a bit spaced out the next morning.

It helps me get to sleep.

Ask your MS nurse, if you have one. We all need some respite from all our symptoms.


Hi Judy,

Some people benefit from a magnesium supplement or spray for muscle twitching and spasms. They are readily available from supermarkets or health food shops.

Another drug used for this is Dantrolene sodium (Dantrium).



Hi Jen thank you so much for your reply. I tried Amitrptyaline and it gave me bad reflux so stopped. Maybe I should have stuck with it so may try again.

thanks again


Hi Anthony thanks for getting in touch. I do take a magnesium supplement every day but maybe should take it a t night it may work. Also I’ll look into the dantrium and see what’s going on there.

thank you very much for the info. It all helps.