Hi all :slight_smile:

Just wondering what vitamins everyone takes?

I’m currently taking flaxseed oil capsules, vitamin b12, cod liver oil and vitamin d and calcium from boots.

Any other reccomendations?

Hope you’re all feeling good and happy we’re half way through the week haha

Katie xo

I put ground flaxseed in my porridge with protein powder, B vitamins, calcium & magnesium,

Yeah, the obvious D3 & B complex.

I also take high strength cranberry as my kidney function is a bit off (tests came out at 48/52%) and since MS plays havoc with waterworks generally, I decided to start those as a precautionary thing! :wink: And drinking cranberry, well, I prefer water lol, it’s ;ess bitter

I just commented on another thread about vits, I get Vitabiotics when they’re 3 for 2 at Tesco so nicely stocked up too :slight_smile:

Sonia x


At the moment I am taking Vitamin D3, Calcium & Magnesium (ratio 1:1), Omega 3 & Vitamin C.

I use Flexseed oil to dress steamed vegetables (only way I can take it).

One advice about Calcium, it should take with vitamin D3, but Tea (even Green Tea) readuces calcium absorbion, so you should wait at least one hour before taking calcium supplements if you had a cup of tea.


Hi, I’m having a go with some raw multivitamins. I’d love to try Sunwarrior but they aren’t available in the UK yet. I’ve learnt the hard way that the usual, synthetic ones don’t agree with me. I currently take aloe vera capsules, fish oil, evening primrose and a probiotic. I’ve got some coenzyme q10 and the multivitamins on order, along with a vitamin D3 sun lamp (I can’t take D3 supplements) and a water distiller. I follow the Wahls diet and am having a last push at self-help before I become a complete vegetable. I also meditate to de-stress. I see Wheelchair Services next week about getting an electric indoor/outdoor wheelchair, so it’s really hitting home how disabled I’m becoming…and how quickly. Heather

Good luck Heather, I feel your pain :frowning: I was diagnosed 5 months ago and 3 month told likely PPMS

I’ve been getting really frustrated with the dail stick struggle, the fact it doesn’t help with drop-foot, unless I hold it in the wrong hand to ‘push off’ the ground. Then I remember my shiney new crutches and I remeber that I could/should(?) use them but I ONLY allow myself to use them if I go out in the evening, as I don’t want to give in and need them rather than the stick which is bad enough.

I hate the loss of control that goes with it, I’ve already lost my independence!

Sonia x