So, what vitamins is everyone taking?

Hi, ivest received my delivery of various vitamins and wondered what other msers were taking. I recently started my 1st and started tecfidera 3 weeks ago. I had a relapse in which has left me with weakness on my left side so will try anything to help! I had my bloods taken in april which showed extremely low vit d levels and was given 20000iu for 3 mths twice a week but now my levels are fine so my gp stopped it. So taking things into my own hands but dont want to overdose on things. Tomorrow I am starting 5000iu d, 500mg of calcium (to help absorb vitvit, 2000mcg b12, 1000mg of omega 3 (as I dont et much fish) & 500 magnesium to help with restless legs (as ive recdently stopped taking amtrypamtryptaline. Sounds like loads but some have mentioned biotin and flaxseed? What are others taking?

I don’t take anything! only the Tecfidera!


I don’t take anything either, just Betaferon.

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Vit D3 5000iu daily as recommended by my neuro. Apparently it needs to be D3

I take a probiotic capsule that has vit d in it as well…

Much the same as you Sallum: 5000iu vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, B12. But I eat tuna nearly every day (plus lots of other fish) so don’t worry about fish oil.


Sue - eating so much fish - you’ll turn into your profile picture wink

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Overindulged that is…

We certainly need Vitd3 - but must take vitk2 and magnesium with it. Lastest research that l have read says that it is the depletion of vitk2 that causes the toxicity formerly thought to be an overdose of vitd3. With vitk2 and magnesium the vitamin d3 will be able to get the calcium into your bones - without the K2 - it can cause trouble with your kidneys. This is because D3 does deplete K2. l am following the book about very high doses of vitd3. lts by Jeff Bowles - Miraculous high doses of vitamin d3. And l make sure l get my levels checked regularly. l am taking 40,000ius daily at the moment - plus K2/magnesium/omega 3. And l take a high dose B complex - B12 and Niacin/Thiamine and Biotin. For some reason we with MS do not absorb these vits properly so do need a high supplement. B vits - are water soluble - so no chance of over dosing as we just pee it out.

Very little oil in Tuna. Salmon yes - and pilchards and mackerel.

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