Vitamins etc

Morning :slight_smile: I have been dx since about 2005, but they think I have had it since 18 (2000). I have just had my second child and want to start taking some vitamins/supplements but finding it quite confusing what to take and how much. Does anyone have any advice? From what I can see online b6, b12, d3 and fish oils seem to be recommended? Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Hi Laura, I take 2000iu of vitamin D3 a day. I also try and go for a 12 noon to 1pm lunch time walk each day to get 15 mins sun on my face. At this time of year not much vit D will be made by sun exposure but still worth a try.

Some MSers take up to 5000iu a day and this is the Vitamin D Councils recommendation but views on this vary. I eat salmon or sardines twice or three times a week. No processed food and eat as much natural /real food as possible.

Hi, I take magnesium 625mg per day it helps with leg cramps at night, 3,000mg of vit C, 1,000 evening primrose,5,000 of vit D.

if you get the chance to buy Judy Graham MS NATURALLY there is lots of information about supplements.

Thank you for your answers, they’re really helpful :slight_smile: