Vitamin supplements containing magnesium seta rate

Evening everyone Wondered if anyone has come across the issue with regard to vitamin supplements contains magnesium stearate and is it safe ? I have heard conflicting reports and to be safe am looking for supplements without this but have so far only come across one company. Also looking at calcium coral ?? Thanks for any advice Helen

Hi Helen,

What is the possible problem or issue with it? I cannot find any safety issues, except on “conspiracy” type websites, which I do not trust.

It is in sweets and often in prescription medicines anyway, so you’re probably consuming it already, albeit in small quantities.

The only health issue I know with magnesium supplements generally (or eating too many mints with it in) is it can give you the squits.

I just checked my own magnesium supplements (it’s that time of night for taking them), and I find they are magnesium oxide, not stearate. BUT they are lumped in with Calcium and Vitamin D, which you might not want, or might already be getting from other sources. Mine are just over-the-counter stuff from Boots, not some hard-to-find supplier.



Oh, I’ve just realised you did not mean magnesium supplements, specifically. Duh! You mean other supplements that just happen to have magnesium stearate in them as a binding, or bulking agent, to present them in a convenient form to swallow?

I do not think there are any issues. In the case of some vitamins, you might be more at risk from ODing on the supplement itself than on the magnesium stearate coincidentally used in manufacture. I don’t think any of us would ever take any supplements, or quite a few of our prescription meds, if we were determined never to take magnesium stearate.


The real issue for me is low quality supplements. The shops are full of them. Personally. I’ve been using Grenade Ration Packs, as they’re designed for athletes so quality is goooood. Plus, there’s 4 tablets a day and it works out at £1 a day in total :slight_smile: