Vitamin D supplements

Hi all, any advice on the best vitamin D tablets available OTC?

thank you

I buy my vitamins from myprotein dot com… They’re generally better quality than the supermarket ones.

I buy the Vitabiotics vitamins but only when they’re on 3 for 2 at tesco as they’re pricey. One the plus side, I have about a years supply of Vit D & B complex and about 6 months of Cranberry extra strength. They do 1000 unit tablets of Vit D3 labelled as optimum strength, my Neuro said they looked fine :wink:

I used to use their Glucosamine when I was exercising a lot and I’ve always found their products to be really good quality.

Sonia x

Thanks ladies, I am reading a book and other articles about Dr Wahls protocol, it says to take a test every 1- 3 months and take 4000 IU vitamin D3 daily, or more if needed. At levels over 150 there is an increased risk of excessive calcium in the blood, hallucinations, psychosis, and kidney damage.

How much vitamin D would you usually take on a daily basis??

Yep, I think if you take ‘High’ doses you need regular blood tests to keep on track.

My neuro ‘suggested’ (i.e. warned me it may not actually help!) to take 1,000 to 2,000 units a day.

The ones I take are 1,000 units but and occasionally I take 2 if them. I’m happy taking this possibly conservative level as I don’t need the hassle of the blood tests when it may not aid me anyway - I’ve likely PPMS and we get naff all so the last thing I need is to make myself ill on top! :wink:

Sonia x

I think most PWMS that are supplementing ther D3 intake tend to take 5,000 - 20,000iu doses per day, and a number of people get their D3 capsules/tablets online.

I understand MS commonly depletes any D3 store that may have been built-up, so supplementation is a frequent recommendation.

Somebody far better placed will no doubt be along shortly to guide.

Good luck !!


Yes, l take 10,000ius daily. And l get my levels checked every 6months - with CityAssays lab B/ham. lt is a postal service - all it is - is a pinprick blood test. Easy to do - and your results can be emailed to you. Much easier then what the GP’s do and more comprehensive.

l get my vitd3 via amazon - Healthy Origins-360 softgels. About £15 for a years supply. l have never been able to get my levels over 98nmols. And l have been taking them for years. You really should be taking magnesium as well - just google vitamind3/magnesium ms for more information.

Don’t forget vitamin B12 - another important vitamin for people with ms. Just google vitaminb12 deficiency ms.

Thank you all, a lot food for thought …

Hmm, I’ll ask my surgery about that as I’ve had lots of blood tests over the last 1.5yrs and they keep telling me 100% normal and I’ve had tests at the hospital too

Sonia x

I asked my surgery about the results of my blood tests taken at the surgery and hospital, especially vit D, and they told me to contact the hospital. When I did that they told me to contact the surgery! I think I will try again as the test at CityAssays is £25, which is a waste if I have already had it done. I think I might pay in future though to avoid this incompetency.