Vitamin D results

Interesting! Got my vitamin D results. At last reviewof my rebif they tested these and they were very elevated so I was instructed to stop the supplements. Did this and they remain slightly raised at 161. How odd as I thought we were vitamin D deficient. My thyroid is also misbehaving however this was raised before the rebif! Just thought I’d share this information. Xxxx

Hi Lisalou,

Ive had my vit.d3 levels tested because I also suffer osteoporosis so was encouraged to keep up my levels via supplementation. Now my levels are well over 100 and Ive been told to only take them when the sun isnt shining as I got lots of exposure to the sunshine in summer. Seems nobody knows if there is a safe level, but I do know at 100 my consultant is happy for it to stay around that level.

I was vit.d3 deficient in the beginning at 51, so Ive raised my levels, however Im afraid Ill slip back again if I dont take my pills, so it would seem Im more or less on my own in winter until I have them tested again next winter.

Think a tad of common sense is required, we need to be informed what is appropriate and how to maintain such levels dont we. Lisalou it would seem if your not taking supplementation then your levels are extremely good so then your obviously not vit.d3 deficient. I also have diagnosis of ms and was vit.d3 deficient. Maybe its just a few of us?



Your Vitamin D levels are between 100 - 150 nmol/L which is the level recommended by a group of eminent experts

Search for their “Call-To-Action” at

Join and subscribe to their newsletter. See what they say about Vitamin D and MS

Check out and search for lots of information about Vitamin D & MS

Then you will be better informed to challenge your health professionals who seem to be following outdated guidance

Check out: for more information about Vitamin B12

  • from what I read there your B12 levels are excellent !