Vitamin D for children

Hi, my husband has MS (was diagnosed about 8 years ago) and we have two children aged 5 and 9. My husband takes 2000iu vitamin D a day and has done for quite a few years. I have always made sure that through supplements my children have at least 100% RDA vitamin D but am wondering whether anyone gives their children higher doses of vitamin D as a preventative measure against MS. I am asking because my husband’s symptoms have started getting a little worse and I have just started reading Overcoming MS by George Jelinek. In that it talks about giving children 2000iu daily as a preventative (and adults 5000iu). I would be interested to hear your opinions and experience. Thanks.

The Barts Blog have covered this subject a fair bit and worth doing a search. NEW RECOMMENDED DAILY ALLOWANCES FOR VITAMIN D3 SUPPLEMENTATION Adults 18 years or older = 4,000 U/day or 100 micrograms/day Children 11-17 years of age = 4,000 U/day or 100 micrograms/day Children 1-10 years of age = 2,000 U/day or 50 micrograms/day Infants less than 1year of age = 1,000 U/day or 25 micrograms/day Maximum safe dose or NOAEL = 11,000 U/day or 275 micrograms/day Multiple Sclerosis Research: Vitamin D, Is Prof G recommending too much? This is the latest blog for adults. Multiple Sclerosis Research: #ClinicSpeak & #ResearchSpeak: what dose of vitamin D?

Thank you for the links and information whammel. I’ll look into them.