Children and vitamin D

Hi everyone!

I have rrms and take 5000iu vitamin D per day.

I am thinking of giving my children vitamin D also but am unsure what dosage to give them.

Can there be any downsides to doing this? I am unsure and would like to know if other people do this?

I was thinking a small dosage but am thinking 10iu may be too little. Any advice please?


Teresa. x

According to:…
Healthy children under the age of 1 years – 1,000 IU.
Healthy children over the age of 1 years – 1,000 IU per every 25 lbs of body weight.
Healthy adults and adolescents – at least 5,000 IU.
Pregnant and lactating mothers - at least 6,000 IU.

Karen x

the scottish government are trying to put a bill through about vit d supplements for children,as we in scotland have the lowest natural vit d in the uk,it can be cased by diet(deep fried mars bars lack vit d),and lack of sun light,as a child of the 60s I was always out in the summer,went on holiday to england,where weather was better,so scottish weather the rest of the year must be poor :frowning:

Hi Teresa,

The department of health in Scotland, recommends 7.5 micrograms (300iu) for all children up to the age of 5 and 10 micrograms (400iu) for at risk adults, that’s pregnant women, those over 65 and those with darker skin pigment. My girls are 10 and 13 and at the moment I give them 10 micrograms. I know that recommendations from elsewhere are for higher supplements especially when a parent has MS and I’m very tempted to give them more, I’m just not sure how much more at the moment! At least I know they are getting something! Be careful though if you decide to give them vitamin d using multivitamins like Bassetts soft & chewy because they only contain 5 micrograms and it’s not a great idea to give them two chewys to double the dose because they will get too much Vitamin A then. Sorry this is all in one paragraph by the way, I can’t get it to move down for some reason?!? Hope this helps, Lynn x

Lynn - l am shocked if that is what the Scottish health department recommend - they are a century out of date.

Rizzo’s reply giving the recommended amounts is spot on - and if MS is in the family - and if you live in Scotland then the higher doses is imperative. lts the best thing you can do to help prevent this awful disease from continuing in your family.

Your right about not increasing the vitamin A. Just google vitamin d3 deficiency ms -


Hi, my daughter is 3, (she was on Thursday!) and i give her 1 Harborange Vitamin D+Calcium softie a day.

They are the kids ones, specifically for children.