Vitamin D amounts

I have been told to start Vitamin D supplements as my level is 29 something or other, and they want me to get up to over 75 something or other (wasn’t really taking it all in!). I have to take 3000 iu, which I think I have worked out is 75ug, a day (please correct me if wrong, I do wish they could stick to one flipping unit!).

I have also been recommended to get my children to take a supplement too as something of a precaution, but I don’t know how much they should have (internet is not clear, at least to me!). One is 10, and the nurse did say she could take an adult does (although they said maintenance for me is 1000iu, which exceeds anything online for that age), and my other is 8 (and I didn’t really ask about dose for her!). Does anyone know what they should have?

And finally, there are lots that are dead cheap on eBay, just how dodgy is this or are they just good savings?

I take 5000iu per day and supplement my 3 and 5 year olds 1000iu per day. That’s with no deficiencies! The Internet is variable on recommendations, but these levels seem to be acceptable (some say 2000iu for children). The US is ahead of the game and recommends much higher than the UK! I found a good site but I can’t post the link due to the spam filters on here, but it basically gave recommendations based on weight, average amout of sunlight you get per day etc. D3 can be taken in quite high doses before it becomes a problem from what I’ve read. HTH

PS I’ve bought Healthy Origins on Amazon and they’re good value.

This was on the Barts & London site recently.

Adults 18 years or older = 4,000 U/day or 100 micrograms/day
Children 11-17 years of age = 4,000 U/day or 100 micrograms/day
Children 1-10 years of age = 2,000 U/day or 50 micrograms/day
Infants less than 1year of age = 1,000 U/day or 25 micrograms/day
Maximum safe dose or NOAEL = 11,000 U/day or 275 micrograms/day

I’ll try the link here…

Thanks for the information.

Can you describe the site so I can find it please, if possible? You are taking more than I have been told to take - are you in the US?

Thanks, Whammel. That’s really useful.

No, I’m in Essex lol! I’ve sent you a private message with the link. X