Vitamin D & Cod Liver Oil

Been looking on this site at various comments from other MS users of vitamin d supplements, since I was diagnosed last June I have been taking 10mg of Vit D and 1000mg of Cod liver oil. Anyway I thought it best to check with the doctor to see if they’re doing me any good… he told me that unless I am defecient in Vit D and Vit A (Cod liver oil) - then I shouldnt be taking these… so had a blood test today and will wait reply… have stopped Vit D at the mo but still taking Cod Liver Oil capsules, cos it says on the label that they’re good for the brain etc… any replies gratefully appreciated… thanx

Hi Pink69,

Supprised no one got back to you,and saddly i know not a lot about vitamins.

So hope you have better luck now.

Take Care.


Hi Pink69

I’ve just posted on another thread by Anitra about vit D3, but thought I’d respond to you too.

I was diagnosed in Oct last year and my MS cons advised me to take 5000IU D3 daily (not sure how this compares to 10mg). My vit D3 level was only 56 so I’ve actually been taking 10,000 IU and am going to get my levels checked again soon to see how much they’ve gone up.

There’s lots of talk in the media at the moment about the benefits of D3, so I don’t think taking it will do you any harm.


Hello Pink69,

I was dx last November and was advised to take 3000iu per day Vit D, I used to take sea-tone which is similar to cod liver oil but was advised to stop taking it.