Vitamin D and Bladder/Toilet Visits.

Hi,I just thought this maybe useful.Because of the connection between Vitamin D and MS I started to take a daily dose of 4000 International Units when the recommended daily dose is 600 and thought it would be fine.Then I read that overdosing on Vitamin D causes more frequent toilet visits so I’ve stopped the high dose and found I need to get up for the toilet at night at 5am instead of 3am and sometimes later and fewer toilet visits in the day.The less time I can spend in the loo the better.Dave.

hi dave

i bought mega dose vit D too but i’m such an idiot at taking pills, i cant be overdosing!

interesting post though because i’ve noticed that all my pain meds have side effects and so weigh up whether the pain is worse than the side effects.

taking far less meds now.

carole x

Thanks for posting this bigdave - I’ve been taking 5,000iu vit D3 ever night for awhile now and I am having to get up 3 times a night for the loo. This was a symptom I’d reduced to 1 to 2 times a night once I started on LDN so I’ve been disappointed it’s worse again. My consultant at my last yearly appt advised me to take this dose of vit D3 - no talk of checking my D3 levels. He is also very dismissive of LDN.

I’m going to stop the D3 vits for a few nights and see what happens.

Very interesting so glad I’ve seen this my bladder has been playing up im getting up 3 4 times a night since I’ve been taking 5000 iu I’m going to reduce now after seeing this xx