Vit D level

Hi All

Just looking for some advice. I was diagnosed a year ago and started taking Vit D, Omega and Evening Primrose oil capsules daily. I have been taking 5000iu of Vit D, granted some days I may have forgotten but I had a blood test done to check my DMD wasn’t attacking anything and asked them to check my Vit D level.

I phoned today and as when they phoned to say all was ok I forgot to ask what my reading was. My Vit D level is 125.3 nmg. Would you increase the amount of Vit D if you were me??



Are you sure it’s nmg? If it is, then I think it’s fine. If it isn’t (and is nmol/l) then I think you are borderline. When I came back at 126nmol/l I started alternating 5000 and 10000 - just in case!

Oh - just realised, you said vitamin D. I think it’s the D3 component that’s important. Overall vitamin D is vitamins D2 and D3 combined. Might be good to check how much of your 125.3 was D2?

Karen x


Sorry my mistake it was 125.3 nmol/l. I have no idea what the breakdown was would they have split it if they weren’t asked to?

apologies for stupid question but very new to all of this and trying to find my feet.

Tracey x