Visual Field Test with drops?

Can someone please explain exactly what happens with this test please… I have a ‘thing’ about anyone going near my eyes so I need to be 100% prepared… You should have seen the woman jump when they tried the puffer test on my eye without warning me… I yelped so loud she almost fell over… I wouldn’t let them do it again for years.

Luckily I had a lovely optician last time who explained exactly what it was and why I needed to have it done so i did and it wasn’t bad at all!

I really need to know what the visual field test is and why I ‘may need drops’…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m not absolutely sure as I don’t know exactly what you’re being tested for, but the drops are usually so they can get a better look at the back of your eye. The drops just dilate your pupils and they then take a photograph of your eye, which is completely painless and non-invasive. The visual field test is, again, completely painless and non invasive. Basically, you stare straight ahead at a screen with one eye covered and click a button every time you see a dot appear anywhere on the screen. It’s a bit tedious, but not distressing in any way. Hope this helps xx

So the drops aren’t to numb the eye and touch it? lol …

I wouldn’t have thought so. I can’t think of any test an optician would do that involves actually touching your eye. Perhaps you could give them a quick ring and ask them to clarify, just for your peace of mind xx

I’ve had the eye drops, no they don’t touch it at all, it’s just so they can get a better picture of the eye and see what’s going on. Good luck Gray x

Visual field test is just you sitting looking at a computer screen, with your head held steady, and pressing the little hand-held buzzer they give you when you see a dot appear on the screen in front of you. The machine records what you spot and what you don’t and this identifies any holes in your visual field. It is non-invasive and perfectly fine.

The drops they put in when doing a full exam of your eyes (NOT the visual field test, which is separate in my experience anyway) are to dilate your pupils so they can get a better look. You aren’t allowed to drive for a few hours after because they take a while to wear off. They don’t hurt.

Good luck.


I had drops to numb eye then they used a big pen looking thing to test the pressure they said I wouldn’t feel but I did haha didn’t like it at all. Pressure was high in my eyes been seeing a eye specialist since September they put drops in usually just that and use the rye thing to see you eyes with special lenses I think. My eye specialist is great and one of the best he’s convinced I have a auto immune disease MS is most likely he might discharge me when I see him next month. I am also funny with people touching my eyes but the pen thing is to test the pressure mine was high due to steroid drops. Hope this helps.