optic....being referred to eye specialist hospital, what happens there?? urgh

In brief went to opticians today as I have had terrible eye ache behind eyes, blurred and loss of vision in one or rarely both eyes. I’ve been referred to an eye specialist as they are suspecting optic neuritis. What happens and what does the eye specialist do? I’ve never had anything like this other than a normal eye test. Thanks guys x x


just responded n your other post but not sure if you’ve seen it x

the tests I had after ON were:

  1. general sight test by normal optician

  2. Visual field test done by my normal optician (You look at a computer screen, using one eye at a time. Dots flash at random places on the screen & you press a button everytime a light flashes. It took about 20 mins, wasn’t a bother at all . This test helps show if your field of vision has been effected (it is done to assess for lots of eye-conditions, so is not a specific test for ON)

  3. Back of eye examined with opthalmoscope (by usual optician) - just a telescope-type thingy that lets the optician see the nerves at the back of your eyes… they can sometimes see damage quite clearly. Only takes a few minutes.

4.Colour vision test at hospital (you look at pictures made up of coloured pixilated dots, (again, one eye at a time) and they ask you what image you can see (eg a number 3, or 6 etc). They are checking if your colour vision is ok.

  1. Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP) at hospital (again, each eye tested separately) - they stick electrode things on your head so you are wired up to a machine. doesn’t hurt at all. they ask you to look at a black and white chessboard pattern on a tv screen, and the electrodes measure how well the information is being transmitted from eyes to brain. Takes about 20 minutes in total. You dont get results on the day, you have to wait for them

I’m sure other people have had other tests done, but I hope this info helps a bit x

Hi Iv also just posted today as went opticians n have weak eye muscles n optical nerve swelling. Saw them today n got urgent neurologist apt at hosp tomo. Iv not been diagnosed with MS only have fibromyalgia, but thinking I might have MS. Will find out more tomo. When is your apt.