eye specialist appointment

Got my appointment with eye specialist tomorrow as a failed field test 3 times so was reffered.i have blurred vision most of the time and pain in my lefft eye what should i expect more tests hope everyone feeling okay well as much as you can.

Hi Sparky,

Understand your frustration; anything to do with your eyes is very worrying.

It is probable a Visual Evoked Potential see visually evoked response - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia

It refers in it to the Schumacher criteria but this has been replaced by the McDonald criteria. VEP is completely painless and can only be done by a specialist with an EEG machine not optician.


Thanx for the reply george will look it up. Best wishes to you.

I doubt an eye specialist will be administering a VEP. I just had a couple of technicians - no consultant present at all.

From memory, it takes around an hour, possibly more, but once it’s all set up and running, there’s minimal interaction with the operators - I was left in the room by myself for the entire hour. So I do not think they would book a specialist’s time for you, just to sit and do that.

A VEP may well be called for somewhere along the line, but I doubt it’s what you’re having tomorrow. I’ve never had an appointment with an eye specialist - not in connection with MS, anyway. I have about another matter, but that’s a whole different story, and not one that shows him in a very good light, so I won’t bore you with it here. I don’t know what additional tests he may do, if you’ve failed a field test, but the other thing that makes me think it’s not a VEP is that my appointment for that specifically said what it was. I didn’t just turn up for an eye appointment and find out I was having a VEP.

Not that it needs any special preparation, but I got a leaflet or something in advance of my appointment. Nothing to worry about - I think the gist of it was that medication wouldn’t affect it, so if I was on any, I shouldn’t stop.



Thanx Tina for your reply maybe could just be to do another field test its at a primary care clinic maybe my optician wants second opion will find out tomorrow.Just be nice to find out what my eye pain and blurred vision is all about its the left eye everything is on the left side even the neck wishes.

About 25 years ago I was referred to the eye clinic by my optician. I had intermittent double vision, one image above the other. The specialist injected a dye into my arm and then examined and photographed the rear of both eyes. I was diagnosed with mild optic neuritis. The process was completely painless and is nothing to worry about. The ON resolved and has recurred once more, again mild. There has been no lasting damage.

I’ve no idea if they will give you the same test, but that was my experience.


Thankyou Ben for telling me of your experiance wishing you well.

i’m sorry; seems Tina is in a pedantic; she is always correct mood (as usual). What I meant was an optician cannot see any small fault with your optic nerve; it should be authorised by your specialist to have a VEP. I did not mean they will sit and watch it being done.


Had another field test done which showed abnormal left eye had scans showed eyes okay so thats good did some other tests showed up im slightly colour blind in left eye.he said its certainly a neurological complaint and is writing to my gp told him been waiting over 3 months now for a neurological appointment.pretty relieved my eyes okay but also bit confused.