VEP test?

Morning all,

I’m a 37 year old female currently under the consultant at Salford and he is amazing. He has ordered various tests (spine MRI & LP) one including a VEP test.

My question is almost 2 years ago I had a blurred patch in one area of only my left eye which from memory I think hurt occasionally when I moved it. I went to the opticians (as I thought that’s was what you should do) and he said it was “floaters” but this patch didn’t move it stayed put and never changed anyway after a few weeks it vanished and I have had no problems with my eye since. I have unfortunately since then had several other issues but never again with my eye.

My question is - has the consultant ordered this test on the back of my mild eye episode a couple of years ago? And what possibly could it show now?

I have had a head only MRI which showed small areas of lesions and I have brisk reflexes in my “weak” leg and then there’s my list of on going symptoms.

Ali xx

Hi Ali

An evoked potentials test may have the word ‘visual’ in there, but it’s got more to do with the processing speed of your brain as connected to the visual field than for eg general optical problems.

Have a look at

It’s quite common to have a VEP test as part of the diagnostic procedure for MS. Have a look at the diagnosis page from the MS Trust, It includes VEP.


Many thanks sue …I will have a good read now xxx