Neurologist left me confused

Saw Neurologist Dec 2020 as 4 lesions identified in Sept 2020 mri scan, my evoked potentials were normal so she said she’s not concerned and no further need to see her. Mri 2018 showed no lesions. I have left sided weakness, optic disc pallor and pain moving my eye all on left eye. She’s now sending me to opthalmologist for visual fields now.

Does normal evoked potentials mean I’m not at risk? Can you have MS without obvious issues with evoked potentials. I’m very confused as she didnt explain anything to me and I don’t know what I’m meant to do.

Don’t give up, but find another neuro. I went through several before I found one who’d listen. I passed 2 evoked potentials, even after my MRI’s showed lesions and the lumbar puncture verified the probability of MS. Both doctors who gave me the tests said pointblank that because I didn’t fail the tests, there’s no way I could have MS. Fortunately, my neuro didn’t agree.

See the ophthalmologist just to be sure. Mine told me there was nothing wrong with my eyes or glasses.

I also passed my MRI’s for years, with none showing lesions. It took a long time to get a diagnosis.

I have posted this before about VEP test results.

Its easy to understand.

I was opposite. I had some lesions on my spinal cord but no diagnosis. then I had my first VEP test which was positive bilaterally.

that was about 2007 or later cant remember. then in between other stuff, then late 2015 another VEP test which was positive again and worse then the first and i was diagnosed early 2016 with progressive MS.

VEP used to be a common part of diagnosing MS before MRI. Its proof positive there is or isnt demylination.

so hope that helps.

I would think if it was me, i would like a second opinion on why you have lesions showing. they can be from other things not just MS.

CC, the only one they ever gave me was poking at the legs. I didn’t even know there were more tests involved until a couple months ago. I can’t help but wonder if my results would have been much different if they’d done all the tests.

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