visual disturbances

Hello everyone.  

Can someone help me with eyesight problems - has anyone else had these weird disturbances.

In the last year I have had 6 episodes of very strange vision (all temporary) - one complete central visual loss, 4 episodes of a repeated pattern of black circles with a small black dot in the middle and last night I had the most bizzare one - I was dreaming about the kids books which have Doodle patterns in them - hope you know what I mean.  At that moment (about 3 o'clock this morning) I woke up and all I could 'see' was an array of lines and odd patterns. I don't understand what is going on.  I'm still not officially diagnosed but I have other ms symptoms which are rapidly getting worse.

Thanks in advance for your support.




I think this sounds like an aura you get before migraines. You don’t necessarily get a headache as they can be silent.
I have had strange vision disturbances that turned out to be this. Mine was like a big snake in a C shape across my field of vision.
Google migraine auras and have a read. Also go to google images and see if anything similar.

Lindsay x

Yep, thank you for that folks.  I have also been told it could be an epileptic visual aura which I have never heard of before but will also look into that.  I was worried it may be the visual problems associated with MS


Has anyone out there ever had this?

Take care



It's always horrible when something strange is happing with eyes - even if it is transitory.

What I would say is that I think you should be flagging up anything like this with your GP, who might well refer you to the emergency opthalmology outpatient clinic at your hospital - that has happened to me a couple of times - or whatever the equivalent local arrangement is with you.  

Even if your eyes have returned to normal I still think you should do this.  All sorts of things can go amiss with eyes and some of them need urgent attention - even those of us who have been diagnosed with MS need to keep reminding ourselves not to assume that everything that goes wrong is MS's fault.

I hope you get some answers soon.



Yes good advice Alison.
When I had my first aura I was convinced it was ON. I went to my doctor who sent me straight to the eye casualty in my local hospital. It was there after a few tests that the doctor told me it was an aura.

Might be connected with phosphenes which can also be associated with ON.