Hi, please can any one help? I am not yet diagnosed but have a lesion on my spine not sure where, but over the past two days have experience what I thought was L’Hermittes sign ( still could be) when I put head down I had a weird sensation down spine a bit like a small shock depending how quick I moved my head not painful though. Since then I also have weird vibrations down spine into legs or up legs into spine when I walk or if my lower limbs are knocked none of this hurts just odd.

Any body else experienced this??? Xxx

I used to get similar before dx... bend your neck and feels like a vibrating phone shooting down your leg... not painful.  Just odd and makes you jump.  I used to sit there bending my neck every 10 minutes and the n jumping when i felt it.;.. (just to check it still happenned) lol

Hi.Yes,I get intermittent buzzing in my feet up to my knees and have done for at least the last 5 years ,I think.It can be quite tiring because when it's happening,I'm costantly distracted by it.Luckily I can go for months without having it.It seems to come on often when I've been walking,but sometimes at rest.I suppose this is due to spinal lesions.I've never thought to ask.

I have also had this l'hermittes twice with differing symptoms.I had a hot,rushing sensation in my lower back and buttocks and the other one was tingling in my feet when I bent my neck down.I know that these are due to spinal lesions.Luckily I haven't had the electric shock type of l'hermittes.I have two high cervical lesions and more than twenty I think in my brain.

Do mention these symptoms to your neuro.When do you see him next?

Take care,Brenda x

Thank you it’s just nice to know I,m not on my own with these weird symptoms. mine are worse first thing in morning after laying all night and when I get up after resting. Actually thinking on it I,ve had this in my core to. Will mention it to Neuro when I see him soon x x

Yes,it helps to know you’re not alone.A lot of symptoms are so bizarre and it’s a comfort when someone can empathise with you.II hope it wears off soon,but do keep a note of it and mention it to your doctor.

Brenda x