Very dry skin - help

Over the past year Ive been taking cod liver oil/evening primrose oil with extra vit.d3 and thought my skin would improve however it seems to be getting ever so dry. Im sure there is something missing as I eat fish till it comes out of my ears. What am I missing?

Does anyone have any idea what is good for putting oil back into my system apart from covering myself in lard?

Best wishes



I’m not sure you can treat dry skin from the inside only. I use body oils every day and it makes my dry skin much better. You can use coconut or olive oil of buy nice oils (I get stuff from belenos therapies online and Weleda).

Yes bren, ask your GP for ‘Double base’ gel. The gel lasts ages and if you slap it on after your shower and let the water melt it into the skin, no more dry skin and no more itchiness, hopefully.

Hope it works for you too.




My skin used to be very dry and itchy. It take 2 vitamin A a day and since I started this it has improved a lot. You can get them in holland and barrett or elsewhere. I think the Holland and barrett ones were 8,000 IU and the ones I have now are 10,000. One is 200% RDA so I am getting 400% RDA which may seem excessive but it works for me.


Hi Bren :slight_smile:

My daughter has very dry skin from vitamin B12 deficiency. Might be worth getting yours tested?

Karen xx

Hi Bren,

My skin was so, so dry I tried all these expensive creams and nothing worked. In desperation I asked in Boots Chemist and a lady in there recomended AQUEOUS cream B.P. It has in it liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin, a dermatological cream for the symptomatic relief of dry skin. So I took her advice and was nicely surprised that a great big tub cost about £5. I tried it and have used it ever since. What surpised me was that when I started working at the hospital they use the exact same cream on people who are stuck in bed so they don’t get bed sores. I no longer have dry skin.

Janet x x

Hi Bren, I second what Wendy suggested. Double Base gel (on prescription as it costs about £12 to purchase!) is wonderful for dry and itchy skin. I have psoriasis (which it is great for) but it helps itchy dry skin too. I just rub it on dry skin but as wendy suggested you can use it after a shower. It is non greasy and makes a great handcream and since I have been using it my nails have never been longer or stronger, so thats a great plus too!

Hope you find relief soon!

Lilbill x