Dry Skin Problem in Winter

So in winter my skin get dryer i tried lots of medicines and other things but it didn’t work so I’m here for some suggestions!

That could be your central heating and spending more time indoors?
Shower using a moisturising bodywash e.g. one of the Dove variants. If that doesn’t work, go see your Doctor - they might prescribe Cetraben or similar

Hi, I am moisturised with body butter (99p from several shops ie Bodycare, £ shop)daily, but occasionally dry patches occur. Then I use Zero cream (prescription) and just 1 application sorts it out.


Welcome to the forum. You’ve not said whether you have specific issues related to dry skin.

I get intermittent eczema on my back and constantly on my feet. I use Betnovate on my feet and occasionally in spots on my back.

I have a shower wash called Dermol 200 shower emollient (Dermal Laboratories Ltd) prescribed by my GP. It’s good for general dry skin problems but is good for specific problems like eczema. I use it all the time on my back, unfortunately I can’t get it anywhere near my feet, plus it might make them a bit slippery.

I used to always have Double Base moisturising gel prescribed as well but I don’t think GPs are allowed to prescribe it anymore. Regardless, you can buy Double Base emollient wash and gel cream body moisturiser. (Try Googling it.) Both are good for dry skin conditions.


I struggle with excema on my hands mainly, I find wearing bamboo gloves a great help and disposable nitrile gloves or marigolds. Has been difficult keep having to wash hands/sanitize so keeping my gloves on for shopping during covid/dish washing has really helped.

I have the same "cold allergy’. My only salvation is nourishing creams every time I get home. Besides, I can’t get out of the home without a knit scarf on my face and ultra-warm gloves. But I don’t know if your case is just like mine. It could be caused by some changes in your body. You can pass a skin analysis machine procedure to know for sure what’s wrong with your skin. In my case, the best medicine is a moving to Spain, haha. It’s hard when you like the winter, but at the same time, you hate it for having damaged skin.

Dry skin is the result of improper care or nutrition. Less affected by the weather. Therefore, you must first understand how varied your diet is and whether you drink enough water. And then move on to care.
Care must be comprehensive. I am starting by cleansing with unique products for dry skin, toning (alcohol-free tonics), and moisturizing with cream, serum, and aloe gel.
I have combination skin. Sometimes suffers from wind or sun since I live on the ocean coast. I discovered collagen products. For example, Advanced Clinicals Collagen. This serum makes the skin softer and firmer. You need to use it regularly and for some time to see the result. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and money. I was able to feel the effect after two weeks of regular use.

Oh, I have the same problem. I would be glad to read advice from those who have already encountered or defeated skin imperfections.

Dry skin is the result of improper care or nutrition. Less affected by the weather.

i also have that problem but for it’s random cause one day my face it’s all dry but next day very smoth and idk why maybe it’s because of my cream face but im not sure