Dry sore hands

Im not sure if its ms related or whether is been talked about on here previously but im really suffering with very dry and at times sore and itchy hands. Im just curious to see if anyone else suffers and what they do to help it. E45 cream seems to make it burn, and any fragranced hand creams do the same.

Would love some advice if anyone else has this.



Hi Kelly

The cheapest product to try would be ‘Aqueaus cream’. You can get it from boots - ask for it from behind the counter. You can buy a big pot and its really cheap. It contains paraffin oils and makes your skin feel so soft. It contains no colour or perfume.

The other product to try would be ‘Aveeno’ as Ang. has suggested. This contains oatmeal and is good for soreness (i use this for my sons eczema) and it calms the skin. It is a little more expensive.

It may take a few days but both products are good. Keep re-applying them often and they should help.

If your hands get really bad i find it is a good idea to get some latex gloves - put loads of cream on then the gloves on top. If you are at home this gives it time to soak in while you are still doing things or watching t.v. LOL!!

I used to be a beauty therapist. I dont think it is the ms - your skin just lacks moisture and perhaps you have your hands in water a lot which is quite drying to skin. Skin is the largest organ in the body - it needs looking after but often gets neglected!

Best Wishes


Hi my son has suffered with dry skin and eczema since birth and we have tried all the different aqueous creams, E45 etc but not found them any good until a friend recommended something wonderful and we haven’t looked back! It’s called Double Base and is the best cream we have found. Most pharmacies stock it and we now get it on prescription. I also use it for dry hands as have been noticing how dry mine are lately. It moisturises and gives a barrier against the air and water stopping the skin from drying out more. Hope this helps X

Hi nickijane

Is double base an emollient? I don’t know this particular product.

If it is an emollient - is it like vaseline in consistancy? Thanks.

Kelly, - if you want to try an emollient i can recommend ‘Epaderm’ also.

emollients tend to put a barrier on the skin and can work really well if skin is badly affected. They are effective but with a very thick consistency. They can feel quite greasy compared to a cream which soaks in.

Best wishes to you both - nickijane and Kelly -

hope you find something that suits you Kelly


Hello Kelly,

I always thought that dry hands are a symptom of MS. It must either be that, or one/all of my medication causes it as I certainly do have it. I really like the Boots expert dry skin concentrated hand and nail cream.

Best Wishes,


l like Double-base - l think it works better then Aqueos - a neighbour gave me some to try - she had it on prescription.

l bought a very large container of it from Amazon - it does not have perfume etc You can use it as a soap in the shower or as a moisturising cream. Also, recently l bought a large tub of cream from the Avon Lady. lts called Rich Moisture Family Cream - and contains chamoline and oats and you can use it on face/hands/body. l keep it in the kitchen for my OH [who is diabetic and gets cracked fingers when gardening] Both of these work in well without leaving a greasy feel.

Another way to soothe dry irritated skin [ especially good as a face-mask] is a handful of porage oats/natural yoghurt/ runny honey and a drop of orange juice - lts good enough to eat!! Mix it up and apply to face/body/hands and leave for about 20mins then shower it off. lt also works as a gentle exfoliater - restoring dry dead skin.

Zinc supplement is good for hair/skin/nails - and of course vitd3.


Wow so many replys, thanks everyone, i will get looking into these creams. I just need to make sure its plain really because everything perfumed or fragranced just makes it worse. My boyfriend commented on how bad they looked yesterday, they seem to be alot worse at the moment, not sure why. I work in an office so they arent really exposed to weather much or water.

Hi Treek the double base is not like a Vaseline more like the aqueous in consistency and dries quickly onto the skin. I’ve not found a cream better than it, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy at all. It comes in a tube or a big tub with a pump, it is a bit expensive but worth it.

Thanks Nickijane,

Not heard of double base! I see Campion uses it as well.

I think i will try it on my sons eczema - he only gets it mildly but it flares up as the warmer weather arrives. Aveeno usually controls it and Epaderm if it is bad.

You learn something new everyday on here don’t you? lol!!!

Teresa. x

I use Neutrogena Hand Cream. It’s unscented and it isn’t too expensive. You don’t need a lot at one time, if you do apply too much, it takes a while to rub it all in. It is a Norweguan Formula and glycerin-enriched. (or so it says on the tube!). I seem to remember reading that Norwegian Fishermen used it. It works for me anyway.

Hope you find one that suits you soon.


I agree with Jacqueline, the Neutrogena one is brilliant, I swear by it when my hands are all dry.


There’s a lot of dry hands about! I’ve had exczema for over 20 years and when it’s really bad i.e in winter I get betnovate on prescription from my gp. I don’t like to use that too much though so I usually rely on Vitamin E Intense cream from the Body Shop which is fantastic, doesn’t irritate at all and also smells pretty good too. I sometimes use their Hemp Hand Protector as well, doesn’t smell as nice but is very effective.

Hope this helps


i have double base on repeat prescription and it’s really good. however my dry skin has got so much worse and i’m itchy all over. my gp gave me a prescription for oilatum and it’s brilliant. neither of these creams has perfume in.