Hi, just wondering…my last relapse that hit end of last oct/beginning of Nov, has left me with huge issues with my balance/vertigo like symptoms. That’s my main area of concern regarding returning to work which I really want to do now. I had DMD Lemtrada almost 2 weeks ago but am actually not struggling with any side effects from that just the ongoing balance issues. Is it worth seeing a doc bout possible vertigo or will it just be a 'tough t*t it’s just your MS)? Anyone got any advice? I don’t seem to be getting better at the min in this respect x

Have you tried “The Epley Maneuver”. You can find demonstrations of it online.

It looks strange but it worked for me.

Good luck

Hi there was a recent post on vertigo with replies.


Thanks guys … tried that 1 on ur link but nowt lol…gotta consider what to do next tho…hoping I don’t have this forever x

Hi, have you tried mindfulness ?

Try getting help from a physiotherapist. Some are very good at treating vertigo. If you have a neurological physiotherapy team, then try to find out if any of the therapists are experienced with vertigo treatments. If it’s an inner ear thing, they can often cure it. But if it’s an MS relapse issue, then they can give you specific exercises to help. If you don’t have a physio to whom you can self refer, then you might need a referral from your GP, neurologist or ask your MS nurse for advice.