Vertigo Like Walking On A Ship In A storm

Last night I came out of the shower and began to dry my hair with a towel when all of a sudden my head started to swim. I tried to walk into my bedroom and the swaying was so bad I could have believed I was walking on a ship in a hurricane. The floor was heaving and rolling. I felt quite nauseous for a couple of hours after. The feeling went away after a couple of minutes. More double vision last night and this morning after a few days respite. Pain in head not too bad now. I just don’t know whether I should class this as an emergency or not. It all began last wed. Optician said if my double vision was occurring every day then I should go to A+E. I have a doc appt on monday and wonder if i should just wait for that as hate causing a fuss. Optician has referred me to Eye Clinic at hospital which no doubt will take ages for an appointment. Optician also said that if I was continously having double vision he would have sent me up to hospital there and then. Don’t know what to think. Should I just wait and see even though I am really scared? All replies very much appreciated. The subject of MS has never been broached and this may very well be something else entirely. Its just my suspicions that have lead me here. What would you do. Thanks.

My posts always seem to end up as a long story. Sorry.

Hi Annlou

It does seem as though at the moment you are having a really dreadful time. Vertigo on top of double vision and balance issues etc, etc.

I don’t honestly know whether you should wait till Monday to see your GP. What can the GP actually do? They can’t organise immediate tests, all they could do is to refer you to a neurologist.

It all comes down to exactly how bad you feel. Do you feel ill enough to go to A&E? If you do, then you should go there. Alternatively, does your GP practice have a system for getting urgent appointments? Ie ‘phone first thing in the morning for a same day appointment’? Because you could do that tomorrow. And see what the GP thinks about going to A&E for urgent neurological and/or ophthalmology assessment.


Thanks Sue, I could do that couldn’t I. Last week when I made an emergency appt for double vision I didn’t see my usual GP and although he advised to see optician he also said to see my usual gp as she knows more about me or something like that. I’m seeing her on monday morning. Just feel I’ll get fobbed off as usual if i see someone else

I can’t see you having anything to loss by seeing another doctor for an emergency appointment, you will still have your Monday appointment to see your own GP.