Possible MS

Possible MS diagnosis

In Jan this year I had dizziness, so my GP did the Epley on me but it didn’t resolve. I went back to the GP a week later, he did a 2nd eply but I got double vision. The dizziness and double vision didn’t resolve so went back to the GP a week later and he did the Elpey for the 3rd time but the dizziness turned into true vertigo. I didn’t understand why he carried on with the 3rd epley when he knew I had double vision?

The GP finally refered me to a neurologist after a month of these symptoms not improving. I got to see the neurologist on the 6th week of symptoms and I still wasn’t improving. I had one night in the 7th week of symptoms ( a few days before my MRI scan) when I felt like I lost conciousness for a split second - this happened a few times. I also felt a sensation like I was fainting in my sleep. I had my MRI and was told I had MS looking lesions on brain and spine. No bloodtests were taken at the hospital or by my GP. I’ve read that neurologists must rule out other possibilities such Lyme, HIV etc so am confused why this was not done at the time. I had oral steriods and these helped resolve symptoms. I was then diagnosed with ‘possible MS’.

On my six month follow up I informed the neurologist no blood tests were taken at the time of my CIS and he was very surprised, so blood tests were done and came back normal (but vit D was low). The neurologist then diagnosed me with ‘clinically isolated demylinating syndrome’. Is it normal for no blood tests are taken at hospital when a patient presents symptoms ? I have not been unwell again but feel my body is still recovering from the CIS.

Hi anon - sometimes it’s missed out - it’s not normal or abnormal really - shame they missed the opportunity to get some info while you were ‘relapsing’ I guess it depends on what they had their eye on at the time! xxxjenxxx

Thanks Kizzydane. The first neurologist I saw said he couldn’t understand why my GP didn’t refer me sooner as I had 5 days of severe vertigo in October last year. That time (in October) I went to the same GP with the vertigo and he did one epley and I began to start recovering after 5 days.

It’s scarey as I feel sometimes I might may have been spared ‘some damage/lesions’ if I was referrred alot sooner. If anything happens again in future and I show symptoms I am just going to walk into A&E and not wait for a referal.

I’ve found the following statement on a private ear health-care wesbite. So I really can’t understand why the GP didn’t refer me sooner when I got double vision (in both eyes) 10 days after my vertigo started.

Any vertigo accompanied by a change in hearing, blurring or double vision, severe headaches, numbness or tingling of body with difficulty speaking and swallowing, or loss of consciousness is an indication of a more serious medical condition and should be evaluated urgently.

Hi Helen bon x Many many moons ago when I was a trainee nurse we were taught that if someone complains of a certain set of symptoms the worst case scenario should be eliminated first eg if someone complains of severe headache, visual disturbances and numbness down one side then it’s a brain scan first before diagnosing migraine - or if someone complains of bowel pain, alternating constipation and diarrhoea then more serious conditions like bowel cancer should be ruled out before IBS is diagnosed!

Unfortunately possibly due to costs, time, resources these days it seems the opposite approach is taken - basically they try treating the most likely, lesser condition first. You can’t blame them I suppose as much much more often than not the outcome IS that it’s the least serious dignosis.

However if things persist people should always go back - like you did x I know this doesn’t help you much and of course a simple blood test should have been carried out - but unless you ask your GP you won’t get an answer as to why x

As for your delayed diagnosis having any impact on the course of your MS I doubt it very much - but then I’m no medic - so it’s another unanswered question I’m afraid - one for your neurologist methinks! xxxxxjenxxx

I researched into if the GP should have referred me on urgently when I first got double vision and yes is the answer. I have informed the GP’s manager and its being investigated. I’m in shock.

Well I chased this with the GP. He responded to me saying he was right not to refer me sooner as he concluded my constant double vsion, serious bout of vertigo, 3 further weeks of dizziness, nystagmus, drunken walking (without the alcohol) was all caused by Benign Positional Vertigo. But the first neurologist I saw said to me I should have been referred sooner.

Who is right the neurologist or the GP?