Not Wanting To Overreact - What Do You Do?

Me again!  happy2

I've been feeling bad more or less for the last three months (with three weeks off in the middle) and last week I'd really had enough.  After several mix up's with the GP and neuro office I got sent to a new GP who decided that my symptoms were not an outright emergency but did need to be seen by the neuro sooner rather than later.

On leaving her I really felt like I'd had to push and push to get anywhere with her.  I had to asked three times if I could have some routine blood tests etc done!  What really convinced me that she didn't really take me seriously was when she told me that she wouldn't send me to see an MS specilist and wanted me to see a general neuro (who I am already under) because she felt certain that I didn't have MS as my MRI (for aneurysms) didn't show any signs.  As soon as I started to explain that this doesn't automatically rule MS out she closed me down straight away.

The GP's that I have seen have not been willing to treat or help in anyway with my symptoms and to be quite honest I don't want to keep going in and being made to feel that its all in my head! 

Today I have been so off balance (on and off) that I almost fell in the car park, the doctor told me that it was probably vertigo but its happening almost every day now.  I DO feel like I am improving - I ventured out.  I've also got a blur in my right eye which at first I thought was from face cream that I had put on but it's not going and I noticed that this morning, but this evening it hadn't got worse but there is a definate ache there now but not really what I would call painful.

My first reaction is to panic and call the doctor but what will they do and I really don't want to start sounding totally neurotic and calling them about everything that happens lol. 

Would you be going to the doctors or just waiting to see what happens?  Just want to pull on your experience please happy2


Hi Dolly.


Its not easy is it. I saw a general neuro first and he put in a referral to a MS specialist after he ran the usual tests to rule some things out. Was with general neuro for a year.

My g.p is very good luckily, but he couldnt do much for me as it is a neuro problem. I just went to see him to make him aware of new symptoms or how I was feeling, so it got put in my notes.

When are you seeing your general neuro again? or phone them and ask for an appointment to see them again.

As for the eye problem, if it gets worse, go and see an ophthalmologist at you local eye hospital. A normal g.p cant diagnose eye problems.

Hope you get some peace soon


Teri x

Hi Teri - thanks for your reply.  My appointment with the neuro is in August so its not too long to wait although I am hoping that my symptoms will have improved by then. 

You do seem to have got lucky with yours - my original gp was really good and to be honest I should have just stuck to my guns and insisted that I see him.

Think I'll wait and see how I feel tomorrow - the eye is no worse today but then again its not better either.

Thanks x

Hi Dolly,

GP's can sometimes be reluctant to prescribe meds if their patient is under a specialist. When you see your neuro update him about your symptoms, ask where he intends to go from here and for some help with any troublesome symptoms. 

Not all neuro's are specialists so maybe he'll refer you, there's really no telling. It may depend on what's shown up in tests so far - whether anything has been flagged up. Up to a point it's a waiting game confused and the 'not knowing' is by no means easy so ((hugs)).  

As Teri said, if your eye gets any worse then get it checked out just to be on the safe side.

Good luck with your appt

Debbie xx

It is always worth seeing an optician about anything to do with eyes. If they don't find anything, but they agree there is something going on, they can refer you to an ophthalmologist - thereby completely bypassing the GP which sounds like it might be a better option for you at the moment!

Karen x

Hi Debbie - Thanks for your reply, makes sense and exactly what my original GP said. I’ve not really been to the doctors much over the last ten years so didn’t have a regular one but the original that I saw really put me at ease and I felt that he took me seriously, this new one started off by being embarrassed about getting the notes all wrong and then tried to become very ‘authorative’ but failed!

I don’t even know if anything can be treated but surely no one could just be left to carry on like this? Ah well, I do feel a little better in myself and just hope that the next four weeks go with just improvement and no further relapses.

Thanks for the advice x

Hi Karen, although my eye is still blurry today (not all my vision, just in one spot) the ache that was there when I moved them has gone so I think I'll make an appointment with the opticians tomorrow and take your advice and bypass the GP.  I didn't realise that you could do that so thank you happy2.