Possible MS / early symptoms

Hi All, new here so I will keep it as brief as possible.

Today I am feeling a little worried because my gp rang and suggested I have an MRI. I last saw her in November after an abnormal hearing test. She referred me to a specialist and said if anything showed up I would be referred for an MRI - the tests were fine so I assumed no referral was necessary. My gp in new because I have relocated, but when I linked in with her i reported that I was experiencing periods of extreme fatigue, bladder issues, dizziness and brain fog (which I thought were related to peri menopause). I also reported facial numbness. Since then I have had issues with high pressure in one eye (3x tests) and now have a referral to an eye specialist, I am also experiencing tingling, pins and needles in my hands and feet. Anyway today she rang me out of the blue and said that she wanted me to have an MRI to rule out anything underlying. I am now seriously staring to think of ms, but I don’t fall over, I get VERY weak muscles and cannot seem to do anything physical without my muscles aching even after minimal exercise, and i suffer with balance problems and dizziness. I guess i am just looking for others who have been in a similar position. I am not sure what to think and feel a little anxious at what lies ahead and I wonder after an MRI how long it can take to get a diagnosis. I have thought briefly over the past 2 years that i might have it but dismissed it or thought it was something else. Any advice welcome. Thank you.

If your GP thought there was an underlying neurological issue, she should really have referred you to a neurologist rather than heading straight for an MRI.

Supposing there was anything untoward about the MRI, it would be looked at by a radiologist, your GP would report back to you, and then refer you to a neurologist.

If by some chance you did have MS, it could only be diagnosed by a neurologist. Whatever the GP thinks or says, it’s not MS until a neurologist says it is.

But, having said that, there are many disorders which have symptoms in common with MS. I do hope your GP has tested your blood for vitamin D and B12 deficiencies? One of these, together with your existing peri menopause symptoms could resemble MS. There are others too. This is one of the reasons why referral to a neurologist is more sensible (after vitamins have been checked).

So, given that you are where you are, and have been referred straight for the MRI, when your GP gives you the results, if she says there is nothing to worry about, ask about vitamin deficiencies. If you still have all the symptoms, ask for a referral to a neurologist.

And meanwhile, try to avoid googling your symptoms or deciding for yourself what you think it might be. Obviously, if you are worried, feel free to come back here. We do understand what it’s like to have the wind put up you, and to be fearful of the future with these symptoms.


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Thanks Sue. I have had bloods and all is well in regards to that. I guess I will ahve to wait for the results of the scan and see from there.