Confused about symptoms

Hi. I have been debating about posting for a while but not been brave enough. I have not been given a diagnosis yet and I didn’t want people to think I was “invading” this space but here goes.

I am 42 years old. My symptoms are worsening difficulty in swallowing which is causing significant weight loss, bladder urges, severe back pain, fatigue, crawling sensations on skin, ringing in ears, forgetfulness, muscle weakness and twitching. All of which have got worse over the last 12 months. I have been referred to a continence clinic who have examined me thoroughly and have diagnosed muscle weakness. Numerous blood tests have not lead to anything of concern.

I have had well managed Depression since my teens but never suffered with Anxiety until approximately 12 months ago. My GP undertook a neurological examination of me which was normal but she was concerned enough to refer me to a Neurologist. As the NHS waiting list is so long I paid privately to see a consultant. His examination was also normal but he has referred me back to my GP for Serum CK, Vitamin D blood test, MRI head and EMG to “put my mind at rest”.

I am concerned that everything is going to be put down to my mental health even though I feel that this is well managed. I don’t want these symptoms and I don’t have time for them. I want to be taken seriously. I am due to return to my G P shortly to discuss the consultant’s recommendations. Can anyone provide any input about whether it is possible for a neurological exam to be normal but still go on to be diagnosed? I just wondered if anyone had any advice or experience that they could pass on to me as I don’t want to be fobbed off.

Thank you x


By no means are you ‘invading’. This part of the forum is for both the newly diagnosed and the undiagnosed. So you fit right into that. Welcome to the forum.

I doubt that a normal neurological examination (by a neurologist that is rather than by a GP) could hide a diagnosis of MS. The results of your MRI scan will be the telling point though. A normal examination plus a clear MRI would generally mean that you don’t have MS. There are always exceptions to any rule, but I suggest that in general, that would be the case.

You could find that a vitamin D deficiency could bring on symptoms resembling MS though, so it’s a good thing to be having that tested. The other tests too could show some oddities and explain your symptoms.

Best of luck with the various tests. I hope you get an answer to your symptoms; it’s a worrying time for you, so it’s really unsurprising that you are anxious.