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4 years ago I started having bouts of dizziness and vertigo which made me fall over now and then. After 3 bouts I saw a gp who suggested a type of travel sickness tablet which I didnt take as the attacks went away after a week or so. 2 years ago I had a nasty attack whilst out shopping so I went into boots and bought some travel sickness tablets and took them. They made it worse and I had to sit on a bench for 2 hours trying to get my balance in order to get home. I made it into a shop and bought a luggage trolley on wheels to steer me to my car, stopping every 50 foot to regain confidence ! Once in my car i got home and went to bed… For the past 2 years these attacks come and go. 2 years ago both my big toes started to go numb. This comes and goes and can go on for weeks. 1 year ago i had a bout of depression and was given an antidepressant and after 2 days of taking it i developed a head tremor which landed me in A & E and was given vallium, which worked. i only took the vallium for a few days as it slowed down the tremor but it didnt stop it completly. GP said i was suffering with anxiety. i have now had the tremor for 12 months. my vision started getting blurred 6 mths ago and i have to get my balance by focussing on things around me before i walk, i also hold onto everything to make sure i am balanced before walking. its like my eyes are out of sync with my body and has been there for 6 months solid. my memory has blips now and my speech is up and down now. i have had 7 migraines in the past 3 weeks (never had them before) they affect speech, face numbing, balance and i have just been going to bed for days. I am so tired. I also have episodes of neck crunching/popping in the area at the base of the skull. have seen gp who has referred me to see a neurologist but i have to wait 4 weeks. i have no limb paralasis except for big toes. Just wanted anyone elses thoughts please xx

Also been having a weird ‘wipe out’ sensation. I feel like everything shuts down, like a black out but it happens in an absolute instant and i just grab hold of something in panic and then its gone. I find this one hard to explain. If human life had a switch its Like my switch has been switched off for 2 seconds, its very very dramatic but lasts seconds. have had it 3 imes over the last 12 months. My head tremor involves my head shaking, which is now constant and it feels like my neck and spine area are also juddering. To combat all of this over the last year or so I have noticably slowed down walking and moving. I am 48 but feel 90. I have spent 4 years with verigo, 1 year with head tremor and thinking i have an anxiety disorder and now I am miffed

Have you had your eyes tested recently? If no go ASAP to a decant opticians, tell them you have been having problems, ask them to look at your optic nerve. My optician gave me a letter for my Dr to arrange for me to go to eye clinic. People have also even been sent straight to hospital from appointment. 4 weeks wait is good, I had to wait 16 weeks. Keep a symptom diary and take it with you when you go Nuero, easy to forget things once you go through that door. Good luck hope all goes well

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I think it’s a very good idea to get your vision properly checked out. Your GP can refer you to ophthalmology and it might be very useful to have this done before you see a neuro. There are walk in ophthalmology clinics around the country so hopefully there’s one not too far from you - you do need to take a GP referral with you though so go there first.

While you’re at the GP’s, it would be worth asking for a referral to neurophysio too, for your balance. There are often long waiting lists for them so the sooner you get on it the better. You can always cancel the appointment if the neuro has other ideas or if getting help for your eyes helps your balance.

Another thing to ask the GP about is the possibility of something for your tremor. I believe that beta blockers can help some people, and they can also help migraine which sounds like it might be welcome. The GP may want you to wait and see what the neuro says, but it’s worth asking at least.

The “wipe out” sensation could be something as simple as low blood pressure, but there’s a chance that it could be a form of epilepsy. Do tell your GP about these events if you haven’t already. They might get you an earlier neuro appointment too!

With all of that, it’d probably be best to book a double appointment at your GPs (unless you have that rare breed of GP who lets appointments take as long as they take).

I hope you get some answers soon.

Karen x

Thanks for your replies

Today i have been at the eye hospital and had all the tests which have come back fine. gp has ordered me a ct scan for tomorrow morning. my tremor has been bad today alongside my speech being slurred. Glad I am getting some tests done prior to seeing the neurologist. Thanks for your advice x