Vertigo caused by migraine, is avonex making it worse?

I have been diagnosed with Migrainous vertigo earlier this year my symptoms hae been floor movement based things and sickness, no headaches! Firstly please rule it out if you presume MS is causing your vertigo and secondly it states on the leaflet side effects can be migraines or worsened migraines.

I have had vertigo since I was 9 (now 35) and have had several relapses with in in 2001, early 2002, 2004 and its been dialy since then getting worse last year due to our wedding (stress). It hasn’t improved since then. I am now on migraine preventatives seeing some benefit but I am not up to full dose yet. I started betaferon late 2002 changing to avonex in about 2006.

On the MS side I have now been told they think it is Benign MS due to a very good head scan although bladder bowels and legs are not great. I am not having the relapses that most people have.

Any advice?!?! Many thanks x

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no lol, :slight_smile:

ive been diagnosed with vertigo,and im on betahistine,max dose…i also have visual “ribbons of light” going across and up and down…

nearly 6 yrs ago me ex headbutted me, giving me 14 stiches and the advise of my retina could come off(they think it did ad i went comp blind when it happened, thoght my eye had popped out!!) and to get mi eyes checked if i get the “curtain effect”…where half of the vision completly dissapears. im also experiencing optical neauritas,in both eyes.

im off to see a specialist in jan re my eyes. hope its not bad news lol

they believe i may b havin relapse as alot of my symptoms are new :frowning:

i hope u r well,

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hi hun, hope u r well, and all is ok x x x x