Has anyone suffered with uveitis of the eyes ?

Is it MS related?



i havent personally but my friend has had ops on both her eyes. yes-is ms related. or was for her-i dont know re others.

ellie x

Thanks Ellie, soooo fed up I seem to be being hit from all angles… my GP couldn’t see anything but she insisted I went to the eye hospital today as she didn’t like how I described my pain (she is a star)…Not even flaming diagnosed.

I have so many appointments for different departments of the same hospital next week I it would be easier to shoot me :slight_smile:

Hope your mouth stops being numb soon honey xx


am now into my 5th month of permanetly ‘defrosting’. finally got an ‘emergency’ appt with neuro next week *sigh

good news-its nearer 2 stones i have lost now!

i wish i could taste-am fed up of forcing over what may as well be cardboard!

hope u get some answers!

ellie x

I have had two episodes of Uveitis and it is easily treated by steroid eye drops for cases that do not respond very well, another type of eye drops can be added which dilate the pupils and prevent further loss. I was put on predforte steroid eye drops and cyclopentolate which dilates the pupils they worked the first time round with my recent bout I’m not having much luck. The condition can be caused by ms but also a lot of other conditions can cause uveitis. The best person to decide what treatment options would be best is your ophthalmologist.

Hello Gillian,

My very first symptoms that I was aware of were Iritis which led to Uveitis which led to ON. Yes it is a sign of MS and exceedingly painful. I had drops to dilate the pupils and steroid drops which did help no end. Trouble was it kept recurring. My own doctor finally sent me to Moorfields eye hospital in London. They were fantastic and even now they still keep an eye (excuse the pun) on me. In fact it was they who first suspected I had MS. I have had injections into my eyes but no operations for Uveitis itself. The op’s I’ve had were for cataracts and glaucoma. Whatever you do is don’t let it go get help asap as it’s a nasty, nasty thing. PM me if you want to chat more about it.

Wishing you the very best and sending (((((HUGS)))))




I had uveitis in July 2011 and, looking back on it, this is around the same time when my MS symptoms first started.

Since finding out I had MS, I’ve often wondered if it was related. In fact, at Moorfields eye hospital they asked if I had any other medical issues, and I remember telling them that I was thinking of going to my doctor with aches and strange sensations in my legs. This spurred them into action, and as well as doing lots of eye tests, they took blood and did a chest X-Ray. They said Uvietis was associated with autoimmune diseases, but MS wasn’t mentioned.

I left Moorfields with steroid drops, and they did the trick. I went back a couple of times, but they discharged me when it didn’t come back. They did tell me though that if it did come back I was to go to them or my nearest hospital as a matter of urgency.

For a while afterwards I wondered if my leg problems were Rheumatoid Arthritis, because that was what I’d read was associated with Uvieitis, but it just didn’t fit, and it was only months later that I started thinking MS. I now think it’s a bit of a coincidence with the timing. I’d never been to a hospital on my own account in my life before and then all this in the last year seems like it’s part of the same thing.


Hi Gillian,

I was under the consultant opthalmologist for nearly two years with uveitis in both eyes, she said that uveitis could be cause by a problem with the immune system, when it didnt clear up with treatment she sent me for a brain MRI and thats when I was diagnosed with ms. Then of course, all those ‘other’ ailments over the years fell into place. I was tested for a load of other things as well so uveitis doesn’t necessarily mean ms. Its nothing like optic neuritis though, that is where the optic nerve is affected and is usually related to ms I think.


PS…Thinking about my last post, I dont think the opthalmologist would have sent me for MRI if the uveitis hadn’t coincided with numb and aching legs, it was only when she asked me if I had anything else going on that she decided to.


I have had both Uveitis and Retinal Vasculitis (it was the Retinal Vasculitis that started me down the road to an MS diagnosis). I’ve had Predforte drops and oral and IV steroids which stopped it dead in its tracks. The last time I had eye problems (the loss of use of part of my Retina) I was put into hospital, taken off Avonex and put on Azathioprine (yay no more needles!). My vision is like looking out through spiderwebs and there is now a small blind spot in my left eye.

Guys and Gals

Thanks for your responses…after 6 or so hours being prodded and poked at the eye hospital I am grateful that my 2 sparse lines attracted so much info from you all.

The weird thing was the only thing I’d noteiced was zig zag muticoloured horizontal lines (like a test card) then at the weekend felt like a poker was in my right eye with a momma of a headache/migraine which was unlike any migraine I have ever had.

Yet it was the other eye that is very bad…the consultant was amazed the GP ahd sent me up as an immediate referral given the info I had given the GP. I was so tired I kept falling backwards out of the thing you rest your chin and forehead on but the consultant was lovely and kind.

I expect to get the results of my MRI’s on Wednesday with my neuro (same hospital) so I then have to go over to the eye hospital again to check if improving. Eye Dr said it’s common with neuro conditions, but said it was good it had been found the week before my neuro appointment as it would help the neuro…ie a clue.

I’m upset today as I have so many clinics that I now attend I am finding it exhausting and I am sick of body parts failing me.

Talk about 1 step 4wards…thanks for listening

Oh Gillian, I do feel for you, I was lucky enough to have many years of good health and then bang, all of a sudden your social diary is full of nothing but medical appointments and you begin to think whats going to go wrong next.

keep taking those one steps forward though my friend!


This is really interesting as I have had lots of eye issues including ON twice and I am diagnosed with RRMS. Earlier this year I developed a really nasty case of Iritis and the Opthamologist said it was because my MS was active and had instigated it. My GP agreed, but my Neuro said no it’s not related. Rizzo found me lots of research saying that it is MS related, my GP didn’t need to even read them, he wrote to my neuro to say - hey, this is MS! Guess what the Neuro wrote back to say - no it definitely isn’t! Does anyone really know? Uveitis is very nasty and I now have a direct number for the emergency eye clinic and don’t need a referral. Hope it gets better soon. Pat x

Thanks Pat, just think I was really lucky it was picked up…as symptoms go I have far more unbearable symptoms than the niggle the eyes were giving me.

The drops make me very disorientated so in comparison I felt fine beore I knew I had uvveitis…and now I feel like c***, lol

Sounds like we are both lucky enough to have great GP’s and the Opthalmologist was so kind to me, thank goodness for a bit of kindness

Thanks for all the responses guys and gals

i am very out of balance cant decide whether its the eyes causing it or this is vertigo

Have posted a couple of replies but needing to lie flat now in the dark

Feel worse than i did before knowing i haD uveitis, anyone know if its the steroid drops doing this ??

Thanks as ever for patience

Gillina x