Uveitis (Iritis)

Has anyone had any experience of this?

I am still undiagnosed. I had my LP a few weeks ago and am still waiting for the results. However, I have been experiencing severe eye pain, blurred vision and a feeling as though a torch is being shone into my eye.

I had an eye test yesterday and I was told that I have Uveitis (Iritis) (not ON). I have been referred to the hospital. I have done the usual ‘google’ research and see that there is a link with autoimmune diseases.

I just wondered if anyone had any experience.


Hi Zippy,

Sorry to hear about your eye problems. When I was first diagnosed with MS, I remember the consultant asking me whether I could recall any visual problems in the past few years. I remember an episode when one of my eyes became very red and itchy and my vision went a little blurred. I was told that this was most likely not uveitis or any other MS-related eye problem. I’ve had optic neuritis since and know the difference a bit more now.

I think with uveitis the vision impairment is quite severe and the eye becomes very red and painful. I’m not sure how common it is in MS or other autoimmune conditions but it does seem to be related.

I hope your eye gets better soon. Is it just the regular MS treatment for it or do you have to apply some steroid eye drops?

Best wishes,


Hi Jenna

I only saw the optician yesterday and have been referred by my GP today to the hospital. It is quite painful at times but not visibly red. The report from the optician said ‘numerous keratic precipitates on the right eye corneal endothelium’ ???

From what I have read, I believe it is treated with steroid eye drops. I am just hoping that it is another piece of the jigsaw puzzle.


Hi Zippy, I’ve had Uveitis four times, three times I’ve had fairly severe pain & once no pain at all. Each time I’ve lost the vision completely in the affected eye, it was as if a black curtain was being pulled across until the vision was gone. Each time the blindness lasted for approx. 8/12 weeks before it gradually returned to normal. The first time it happened I was offered a course of steroids but I didn’t want them.

As far as I know Uveitis is very common symptom with MS. I’ve had MS for nearly thirty years & my vision has always recovered really well…thankfully!

Good luck, hope you’re soon sorted out

Rosina x

Hi Rosina,

Thank you for that. Still don’t have the full picture, but I am hoping that this incidents will provide an important piece of the jigsaw. I will just have to wait for the hospital appointment and the callback about the LP results. Sadly, like many I read about, I have absolutely no confidence in my neurologist.