Burning Stinging eyes

My husband has been having his eyes sting a lot lately…It is not conjunctivitis and the GP saw him and has given him drops to lubricate the eyes.

Has anyone else had problems with their eyes stinging?



Hi Caz,

I get episodes of this at regular intervals - but just one eye, and always the same eye, too. Sometimes it gets bad enough I have to have steroid drops.

No infection has ever been found - so antibiotics don’t touch it. Even the hospital opthalmologist (who coincidentally was just about the rudest, most chauvinistic doctor I’ve ever met) couldn’t get to the bottom of it.

Insisted it was a rare presentation of chlamydia(!) I could have told him not, as I hadn’t had a relationship for years, but didn’t know how long it might possible to for it to lie dormant. Surprise, surprise, chlamydia test came back…negative - as has everything else!

Nobody thinks it has anything to do with my MS. Despite my own suspicions, I’ve not been able to find any credible research that links it, either. The best my GP has been able to come up with is it’s like an allergy - but I never heard of anyone being allergic in just one eye before.

My mum says my dad (who didn’t have MS) used to get something similar, although I don’t remember this ever cropping up as a child.

Dry eye can be a symptom of other immune system problems, but not MS. However, people with one auto-immune condition are slightly more likely to have another, so it might be related - sort of. But still wouldn’t be part of the MS.


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Sounds like dry eyes - l get it. l have been using Blink - they are drops you can get from chemist or online. Try them - l am sure they will help.

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Thanks all he is trying an eye drop prescribed from the GP for dry eye…