Uveitis and MS?

Hi I have just found out that uveitis come on with MS. 7 years ago I started with ataxia etc and days later I got uveitis. The Neuro thought I had something organic but MRI and lumber puncture were all clear. I was diagnosed with MS last year. Has anyone had uveitis at onset of MS? Thanks J

Hi Joanne

Didn’t have uveitis at onset of MS but did have it several years ago prior to the current MS like condition (still awaiting formal dx) kicking in.

Thank you Theresa? I have Psoriatic arthritis and just put down to that but I know the Drs were very interested in the Uveitis when I was admitted and again when I had lumber puncture a few weeks later. It seems that the neurological symptoms were the cause. Hope you get dx soon. We spend our lives waiting, although I understand that MS is a serious condition and it does mimic less serious things. After 7 years of symptoms they eventually did an MRI and I had multiple lesions so by that stage it was obvious.