Undiagnosed MS and unsure of some potential related symptoms


I picked up a nasty bug and at the end of the second week noticed that my vision was different. Felt disorientated when walking and stopped driving because i found it difficult to register moving objects as i normally would (particularly at a junction while trying to pull out).
I had an emergency appointment with the optician and they made an urgent referal to opthalmology for Nystagmus. The Dr then confirmed that and diplopia and dropped the bomb it could be MS (no tact involved)

I have an MRI appointment on 4 April and follow up Opthalmology on 16/4/24.
Neuro referral has been done but no date yet.

Would i be right in thinking that the ophthalmologist is unlikely to give MS diagnosis even if they see lesions on MRI , and that i would have to wait for diagnosis from neuro?

I’m still hopeful that its just an after effect of the bug. But i have been googling to see if any other symptoms i’ve had over the years could be MS related. And would appreciate others perspective on this and what would be useful to mention in discussions with the docs.

I’m 49 and put most issues down to perimenopause.
Since taking HRT from last year though I’ve only noticed slight improvement to fatigue, mood, cognition and brain fog.
I still have:
bladder issues (frequency and weakness) for over 10 years
a stabbing pain that occurs on my spine between my shoulder blades when i have been bent over and trying to straighten up. The stab stops me in my tracks and then spreads to a feeling of constriction and not being able to breath. In order to straighten up i have to start with slow shallow breaths and increase gradually. The physio thought this was facets sticking together but I’m wondering if this could be MS hug?
Heat/ cold intolerance.

The others I assumed were more likely to be perimeno or linked to family history but just thought I’d ask if anyone has experience or knowledge of any of the following being linked to MS?:
Achilles tendonitis - had this for over 5 years
Lower back problems - Since i was 19 i’ve had a bad back on and off (initially a bulging disc) but more recently told i have degenerative discs and facets. In past 10 years this generally presents as spasm and find it difficult to straighten up completely and results in weeks of physio to sort. (parents have both been riddled with back issues
Arthritis in hands- no issues flagged from blood tests re. inflammatory markers but was showing on xray. Waiting on rheumatology referral (mum has seronegative arthritis)
Strange burning feeling on thumb below interphalangeal joint crease. I just thought this was some sort of tendonitis too

So i’m not expecting anyne to diagnose me here :grinning: but i do want to be equipped for conversations with docs. So perspectives most welcome. Dont worry about being gentle, I’m over the initial shock :wink:


First of all as you know no one on here is medically qualified to comment.
It’s really good to hear that you’ve been referred to a Neurologist and are having an MRI to see what’s going on as this is the only way a diagnosis can be made.
It is possible you will need to have a Lumbar puncture and other tests as well.
Eye problems such as optic neuritis can be an early indicator of MS , however , they need to rule out any other causes.
Your other symptoms mainly sound mechanical rather than neurological.
Ive had tendonitis and many back problems including severe stenosis and arthritis unrelated to my MS.
I’m just recovering from spinal surgery.
I do agree though that menopause can mask some MS symptoms as I put many of my problems down to this and didn’t seek help for sometime.
When I finally went to my GP after I had a breakdown at work because I couldn’t cope he put all my symptoms down to anxiety and depression.
I knew something was seriously wrong and had to arrange my MRI privately.
I did receive an apology from him when I got the results of my first MRI.
Only you know your own body and always push if you’re not satisfied but it does sound like you’re on the right road to finding out what is wrong with you and getting some help.
Take care and let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for that ! :slight_smile:
I forgot something else that has popped up in the last few years.
Rosacea - a quick google on that suggests there could be a link. But it sounds like it is also linked to autoimmune conditions and gut issues.

All roads point to making some healthier choices in my life :slight_smile:

Thanks again

The moment that it dawns on a person that MS is a possibility that will need to be excluded is never an enjoyable one. At least you’ve got that fun episode out of the way.

From my personal experience – which is all I have to go on – most of the things you describe, don’t sound very characteristically MS-y but those eye problems do need to be got to the bottom of. Again, that’s purely personal experience talking.

Don’t worry about what’s relevant in your history and what isn’t. You don’t know and I don’t know either. The doctor will be the judge of that so leave it up to them to decide what’s important.

I am sorry that you’re having a worrying time.

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Rosacea is a menace (she said with feeling). It is also very common, particularly in ladies of my age, or even yours. It’s always good to remember that common things are much more common than uncommon things!


you have a lovely way of putting things9. Thankyou for your reassurance.

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