What should I expect?


This is my first post so please bear with me!

2 weeks ago I woke up unable to see from my left eye. It was as if I’d just come inside from a sunny garden or had a photograph taken by a really bright flash and my eye hadn’t adjusted back to normal. I went to see my GP (well it was the nurse practitioner as the GP’s were busy) who referred me immediately to the on-call ophthalmologist. I was seen and told it was a migraine and it’d pass straight away. It didn’t pass. Sunday I phoned 111 and told them what happened and that it was no better at all and was told to go to A&E and see the Ophthalmologist again. I did and he told me it was Iritis (swelling of the iris) gave me some drops and a follow up app for the Wednesday and sent me on my way. I was relieved to have a diagnosis and although I hated the drops, I was glad something would happen and I’d be able to see. On the Wednesday I saw Ophthalmologist number 3. She did different tests and examined me and told me very matter of factly I had Optical Neuritis. I was given a follow up app and told I needed an MRI. As i left her room she said ‘you should know there’s a high chance of MS with this condition’ and I was left with my head spinning.

I’ve suffered from UTI’s for ages, I’ve seen specialists and not found a cause for this. I saw my GP earlier this year due to feeling extremely ill as in weak and headachy and exhausted. He did blood tests for my thyroid, diabetes, annemia and all the other ‘usual suspects’ nothing was found and as is the case with my GP If they don’t find anything, they don’t follow up so it was left.

I made an appointment with my GP to discuss what the Ophthalmologist had said and after a good half hours talk and look at my medical records he said it was highly likely to be MS. He sent a neurology referral as until this point I’d only seen Ophthalmologists and hadn’t been told of the process or anything. I’d been relying on google!

So my MRI is on the 28th which is 4 weeks after the initial referral.

Since this started 2 weeks ago I have declined. My knees are extremely painful and the lhermittes that was in my right arm is now in my ribs (I had no idea this was related I thought I’d trapped a nerve somehow)

I’m wondering whether sypmtoms would have moved on if the idea of MS hadn’t been suggested. Am i simply using every pain and exhaustion attack as a symptom? I seem to be a text book case and i’m terrified.

I suffer from memory loss and mind fog so bad that I was referred to the ADHD specialist at 31 years old.

I don’t know what I’m expecting from this post, other than some reasurrance that I’ll be ok…?

hi ceetee

stop worrying yourself silly.

the MRI is the first step towards finding out what is wrong.

hopefully it won’t be ms but if it is that’s not the end of the world.

you won’t get the results for about 6 weeks.

if it says you have ms, you’ll be passed to an ms specialist and probably have a lumbar puncture.

then you’ll be offered a DMD and be allocated an ms nurse.

you will be fine.

carole xxxx

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It’s much easier to deal with something when you know what you’re dealing with. An MRI is not an intrusive procedure, but provides the neurologist with a lot of info. I’ve had 4 and they were all fine. You just need to lie still and listen to your favourite music (take your own CD), whilst trying to ignore a rather noisy machine. Like Carole mentioned above stop worrying. It might not be MS and if it is then help is available. I remember being told on a number of occasions that MS is not a death sentence and it isn’t. Adjustments may be needed, and life goes on. I wish you well.

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Thanks guys. Sorry haven’t logged on this weekend so didn’t see your lovely replies until just now.

Basically I need to chill and ride it out.

I’ll try my best. Believe it or not i’m usually quite relaxed but you never know how you’ll react to something bizarre like the possibility of a disease!